Unique Experiences That Will Make Your DIY Siem Reap Tour Even More Exciting

There are some places and experiences that are impossible not to include in one’s Siem Reap itinerary. Of course, you have to catch the dazzling sunrise at the breathtaking Angkor Wat. Or—for those with an adventurous palate—dine at the infamous Bugs Cafe for an exotic food fix. But if you’re looking for something to do that’s out of the ordinary, here are some activities you can try on your trip:


Try Your Hand At Making Pottery

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Believe it or not, the tradition of Cambodian ceramics can be traced back to the third millennium BCE and has played a vital role in the trade between Cambodia and its neighbors. Take part in preserving this beloved tradition by trying your hand at making Angkorian ceramic products. Learn the basics of the craft from a local artisan, and as a special souvenir, take home the bowl you were able to create. 



Catch A Circus Show

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If Vegas has Cirque Du Soleil, then Siem Reap has Phare, a breathtakingly exhilarating circus show from Cambodia’s finest acrobats, stunt artists, and dancers. Be stunned, as they walk you through Cambodia’s story through a series of heart-stopping stunts and mesmerizing dances. 



Discover Cambodian Folklore Through A Musical Performance

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Can’t get enough of Cambodian entertainment? How about catching “Smile of Angkor?” An electrifying musical performance that celebrates the country’s storied past, it is told through enthralling art forms, including music, dance, visual effects, and even animation! Before the show begins, don’t forget to head on over to the buffet to enjoy a fest of local flavors. 



Take A Boat Trip

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Journey through the Tonle Sap Lake on a boat and admire scenes of typical Cambodian life unfold before you in Kompong Phluk, a quaint village built on stilts. You will surely love the warm smiles locals will give you, as they welcome you to their village. 



Receive A Blessing

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If you’re a spiritual person, experiencing a traditional water blessing ceremony is a must. Performed by monks, receive a blessing that will give you luck and rid you of bad luck. It’s a healing experience that’s one for the books.