Why You Should Experience Glamping At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Make a quick Google search about glamping, and the results will pretty much tell you the same thing: it’s a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping” and that it’s a type of camping suitable for those who can’t let go of creature comforts. While these are not exactly the most appealing definitions to introduce the concept that has taken the camping fanatics and holiday-goers alike by storm, trust us when we say that one should experience glamping at least once. Need reasons? Allow us to tell you why:


Less Packing

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When you go glamping, you need not prepare heavy and hard-to-carry gears and equipment, since your basic needs will be provided for you. This is the most comfortable style of camping, after all! So expect to find beds, toiletries, and other amenities when you arrive at your accommodation—which could either be a tent, a yurt, or even a teepee! 


Time Saver

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If you’ve ever pitched a tent in your life, you’d know how much time it eats up. Get this: setting up your camp doesn’t end there! So you could just imagine how much time having everything you need prepared for you beforehand saves. Now, hardcore campers might think this takes away the joy and true essence of “real” camping, but then again, “real” camping isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the good stuff without having to worry about anything, and that’s where glamping comes in. 


Perfect For Camping Newbies

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Camping newbies who want to test the waters can start with glamping. It gives you the opportunity to stay adventurous all the while feeling a sense of security and comfort that’s reminiscent of home. It’s also the perfect answer for camping fanatics who wish to take their non-outdoorsy friends, family, or significant other to a camping trip. 


Get In Touch With Mother Earth

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Camping is a great way to commune with nature, and glamping isn’t any different. It offers you a close-to-nature retreat, since most glamping spots are situated at locations teeming with natural beauty. Sleep under a blanket of stars and wake up to warm sunlight creeping into your tent. Glamping in itself is also eco-friendly as experience providers have acquired environmentally-conscious practices to encourage their guests to enjoy their holiday with less carbon footprint. 


You Can Just Relax

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Now isn’t that the whole point of your vacation? You want to relax, and that’s exactly what glamping will give you! Since the experience exudes a homey vibe, you can just relish in the sweet comforts of glamping while taking in spectacular views and trying out good ol’ camping activities. S’mores, anyone?



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