Cool Things You Can Do On The August 2019 Long Weekend

August is drawing closer, and if you’re Pinoy, you’re most likely looking forward to the long weekend ahead of you in the coming month! 

ICYMI, the Philippine Government has declared the 26th of August, a Monday, a special non-working holiday in observance of National Heroes’ Day. *happy dance* So if you’ve been putting travel plans on hold, here’s your chance to have a quick escape from your daily grind. Need ideas? We’ve got you covered!


Go On A Food Tour In Cebu

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The Queen City of the South is teeming with stuff to try that short holiday-goers like you would fancy! You can swim with the whale sharks in Oslob or drift on a cruise at sunset. But if you’re a huge foodie, a culinary tour is an absolute must! Join a boodle fight, a Filipino-style feast in which everyone shares what’s on the table (eating with your hands is the norm!), make your own cocoa drink, and discover other gastronomic delights along the way.



Ride A Hot Air Balloon Over The Chocolate Hills In Bohol

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Admiring the majestic Chocolate Hills from the National Park’s viewing deck is one thing, but what if we tell you that you could actually take flight on a hot air balloon and marvel at their beauty from above? Yep. Hop on this unique ride just before sunrise and watch the limestone wonders bathe and glimmer in the morning light. 



Learn the Basics Of Scuba Diving In Boracay

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Always wanted to try scuba diving but never really had the time to give it a shot? Well then, why not try it now? Sign up for an introductory lesson at one of Boracay’s premiere diving schools and learn the fundamentals of scuba diving under the guidance of a PADI-certified instructor. After your dive, you’ll be given a copy of a video recording of your underwater adventure—just the perfect souvenir!



Catch The Waves In La Union

Flair Candy via Flickr Creative Commons

If you’re in need of a good dose of vitamin sea but couldn’t travel too far, La Union—fondly called ElYu—is a great destination to hit! A hip and chill spot that appeals to the younger crowd, it is especially known for its surfing community. On your visit, grab a board, ride a wave, and just feel the salty air. Don’t hesitate to book a stay in a hostel—probably the best way to make new friends.



Hike Up Taal Volcano

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Flex those leg muscles and go for a scenic hike! Among the best places you can hike at that’s not too far away from the metro is Taal Volcano in Batangas. After a short boat ride across a lake, you’ll begin a 30-minute hike to the crater of the infamous volcano. Be stunned by its deceptively calm turquoise waters and be awestruck by the boundless vistas from where you are. After your excursion, head on over to Taal Yacht Club to relax under a cabana to take in more views of Taal Lake.