5 Exciting Activities That Will Make Your Next Boracay Trip Extra-Awesome

It’s impossible to not think of the beautiful island of Boracay when you’re talking about exotic escapes in the Philippines. To many, it’s a close-to-nature retreat and a party-goer’s paradise rolled into one. And following last year’s extensive and successful efforts to rehabilitate the island, it is definitely a must-visit destination once again.

Looking forward to seeing the revamped Boracay? Here are some exciting activities you can try on your visit:


Mermaid Swimming

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Channel your inner mermaid goddess and slip into a mermaid suit to live out your fairytale dreams! Learn how to swim like a true beguiling marine mythical creature by trying out new breathing and swimming techniques as instructed by a mermaid swimmer. At the end of your session, have photos professionally taken on the beach with your newfound friends, and receive a certificate of completion from the International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association to seal your mermaid status. 



Cliff Diving

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If you’re a daredevil, who craves an adrenaline rush while on a holiday, this one’s for you! Head on over to Ariel’s Point, a popular diving site on Buruanga Island, just an hour away from Boracay. Enjoy a day of cliff diving, snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding. Of course, you’ll get hungry, so feel free to gorge on some barbecue at the buffet or pick up some beers and drinks at the bar. 




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Boracay is not limited to exciting aquatic activities! If you want to take a break from the cool waters, why not try something fun on land as well? Put your game face on and experience the thrill of go-kart racing. Take on 16 thrilling twists and turns while speeding at 150kph, perfect for kids and adults.  



Helicopter Tour

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Elevate your Bora experience to new heights by taking a helicopter tour. Fly over lush jungles and pristine shores, and just marvel at Boracay’s breathtaking beauty from a different perspective. There’s no better way to get a bird’s eye view of stunning Boracay and its neighboring islands than this!



Sunset Cruise

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It’s true: The Boracay sunset is a sight to behold. While you can catch it anywhere on the island, why not go for the most dramatic spot to watch the gigantic ball of fire dip into the horizon? Cap off your day aboard a traditional Filipino sailboat, also known as the paraw, and marvel at the brilliant views from the sea.



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