Universal Studios Japan Invites You To A Wet And Wild Party This Summer

When it comes to throwing parties, Universal Studios Japan definitely isn’t one to shy away from making things loud, grand, and—well—nothing short of amazing

Earlier this season, Universal Studios Japan kicked off the festivities with the fifth anniversary of Universal Cool Japan hat turned the massive theme park into an anime wonderland. Now, Universal Studios Japan is once again raising the bar of summer bashes with their Extra Cool Summer: 360° Soak Party. And the best part? Everyone’s invited!

If you’re ready to get wet and wild with iconic Universal Studios and anime characters, here are the highlights taking place from July 2 to September 1 that you wouldn’t want to miss:


Minions Cool Fashion Show

via Universal Studios Japan

Watch Gru’s bright-colored minions stage an extra outrageous fashion show that will conjure a snowstorm in the middle of summer. Stick around for the Snow and Water Festival, and dance your time away with your family or friends. If this doesn’t sound like peak fun and mayhem, we don’t know what is!


via Universal Studios Japan


You can also grab and take home cool Minions merchandise. Universal Studios Japan has Minions-inspired products that range from water guns, goggles, shirt, among others.  



Water Surprise Parade

via Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan’s Water Surprise Parade is back and it’s bigger and better than ever! With your water shooters on the ready, jump into the excitement and aim at the parade floats as they pass you by. The goal here is to get you as soaking wet as possible from head to toe. So, don’t forget to waterproof your valuables before setting off for a splash battle at the 360° Soak Zone. 



Extra Cool Crew

via Universal Studios Japan

Meet this year’s crew of Extra Cool Summer! Helmed by the fabulous Naomi Watanabe—who’s tagged as the “Beyonce of Japan”—the Extra Cool Crew will surprise you at any time of the day with a spray of cool mist wherever they go.



One Piece Water Battle

via Universal Studios Japan

Fans of the iconic anime series One Piece will absolutely love this special event! Join the Straw Hat Crew and duel their rivals in a thrilling water rumble. We can assure you that the face-off with Buggy and Mr. 3 will be intense, but ready yourself to fend off yourself from an even more powerful foe.


via Universal Studios Japan


The best way to reward yourself after joining an intense water rumble is to fill in your stomach with good food. Check out the One Piece Pirates Dining Hall when you’re looking for a place to eat. It features special meals and, of course, the stars of One Piece.



Universal Market

via Universal Studios Japan
via Universal Studios Japan

Looking for a place to just chill, play, and, perhaps, grab some yummy bites? Head on over to Cool Street’s Universal Market! Lined with stalls offering refreshing cold desserts to beat the heat, it is also packed with fun play areas that won’t spare you dry. Grab a water gun and have a splashing good time at the Shooting & Wet Zone. Or, frolic under the Water Curtain.


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