You Might Be Shopping At A Don Quijote Store In The Philippines Soon

The news has finally broken out: Japanese discount retail heavyweight Don Quijote—also fondly called “Donki”—is planning on expanding across Asia. Among the countries they are eyeing on is none other than the Philippines. 

Yes, you read that right—Don Quijote might be making its way to the Philippine shores soon to ignite the impulse shopaholic in all of us! (Cue the excited screams.)

Any Pinoy who’s been to Japan knows this shopping mecca of sorts too well. Once all the touring and food-tripping are done, it’s time to shop for pasalubong, and there’s no better place to get cheap and quirky finds than Donki. Even if this isn’t a stop in one’s itinerary, it’s rather hard to miss, when it has hundreds upon hundreds of stores littered around the country.

Just last February, the Japanese chain opened a store in Thailand and then another one in Hong Kong this month. These are two new additions to their growing web of international branches, which already includes Hawaii and Singapore.  

The expansion is a new ambitious move of the Pan Pacific International Holdings (PPIH), the parent company of Don Quijote to hit their goal of hitting ¥1 trillion in net sales next year. 


Are you as excited as we are to shop at Don Quijote in the Philippines?