Lifted Ban On Charter Flights Expected To Further Boost Boracay’s Tourism

Boracay has long been a prime destination for holidays among Filipinos and foreigners alike. From exciting aquatic activities to fun pub crawls to rejuvenating spa treatments, the island always has something to offer to anyone who’s looking for a much-needed escape.

Following last year’s successful efforts to close and redevelop the heavily polluted vacation spot comes another news that will further boost its tourism. Earlier this month, the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) announced the lifting of the ban on chartered flights servicing the island—much to the delight of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

“We share our stakeholders’ goal of ensuring a thriving and vibrant tourism industry in Boracay and the lifting of the moratorium on all new and additional charter flights to Kalibo and Caticlan will facilitate this,” said DOT Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat. “And with these guidelines in place, we are assured that its carrying capacity is strictly enforced by the authorities,” she added.

CAB plans to spread out the arrivals of the chartered flights and also strictly enforce a 30-day application notice prior to the actual date of charter operations. Moreover, the board has also decided to limit the capacity of aircrafts entering Boracay to 200 seats—a move that has gained the full support of the DOT. 

Meanwhile, the rise in tourist arrivals poses a challenge in protecting the newly-rehabilitated island from abuse. With this, the tourism chief underscored the importance of keeping the island healthy.

“We have seen what overtourism has done to the island, and that is something that we cannot afford to happen again. We cannot stress enough how fun it is in Boracay, but we can make it more fun if we are able to preserve it to be enjoyed for generations to come,” reminded Romulo-Puyat. 

Boracay currently has a carrying capacity of 55,757 people per day, including its residents. As part of the authorities’ measures to maintain the island’s improved condition, only 19,215 tourists are allowed on the island at a certain time, with 6,405 tourists permitted to enter the island per day. 


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