8 Unique Experiences At Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is just one of the dozens of Sea Life aquariums dotted around the globe. But, that doesn’t mean it’s any less special. Formerly known as Siam Ocean World, this underground marine park is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, covering about 10,000 square meters. It’s also decked with countless experiences to ensure an unforgettable visit. Here are some of our top picks:



Walk Above a Shark Aquarium

via Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Yup—it’s exactly what you’ve just read! One of Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World’s most intriguing features is its Shark Walk, a see-through walkway. To put things in perspective, the Shark Walk gives you a spine-tingling view of some of the world’s most feared predators swimming just below your feet! Look for the sand tiger shark and the blacktop reef shark, two of the several species housed in the aquarium, when you’re on the Shark Walk.     



Explore a “Rainforest”

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It doesn’t mean the attractions have to be limited to your favorite sea creatures just because you’re in an aquarium. Sea Life also has a Tropical Rainforest zone that draws you in with the calming sound of waterfalls and its lush atmosphere. This place lets you spot frogs camouflaging themselves, and you’ll also get the chance to watch tropical fish swim in the streams. Moreover, meet the rainforest’s most adorable stars: the otters.



Walk Through an Underwater Tunnel

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Now, what’s an aquarium without an underwater tunnel? Sea Life’s Ocean Tunnel is where you can get an almost boundless view of majestic sea animals that call the marine park their home. Be awe-struck by stingrays, sharks, and schools of colorful fish that swim to nature’s breathtaking choreography. 



Get Up Close With Cute Penguins

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Head on over to Rocky shore to watch jackass penguins cutely waddle and swim at incredible speeds. Time your stop here during their feeding time to see them have their yummy fill of fish.



Catch a 4D Movie

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Tired of exploring the wonders of the sea? Sit back, relax, and catch a movie at Sea Life’s 4D cinema! With daily screenings of their featured film, you are sure to be entertained not just by the visuals, but also by the effects that come with it. 



Be Inspired by Art

via Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Not a lot of aquariums come with an art exhibit, which makes Sea Life Bangkok’s Living Art: The Art of Camouflage quite a gem. This attraction invites you to explore its three exhibition zones inspired by the natural colors and patterns of sea stars, lionfish, and yellow boxfish. With vibrant colors and striking designs, the highly interactive exhibit offers photo opportunities aplenty, so grab your camera and click away.



Hop On a Glass Bottom Boat

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Embark on an oceanic expedition aboard a glass-bottomed boat. This vessel glides over the water and treats you to a jaw-dropping view of Sea Life’s inhabitants from a new perspective. A marine expert will share cool information about sea turtles, sharks, and other fish. 



Swim With Sharks or Walk Underwater

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If you are a licensed diver, there’s no better thing to do in Sea Life than swimming with sharks. Feel the thrill of diving into the abode of the ferocious creatures and come face to face with them. Not an experienced diver? You can still experience the depths of the aquarium through the Ocean Walker. Join various species of fish in the underwater tunnel and get a marvelous 180-degree vista of the aquarium’s most sought-after attraction. 


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