Staying Connected In Malaysia: Why You Should Get Your Own Travel SIM Card

Malaysia is such an exciting and dynamic country that doesn’t shy away from the global arena when it comes to flaunting its best sights. There, you can get a bird’s eye view of the capital at the sky-high KL Tower, rekindle childhood joys at Legoland, and have fun under the sun at Sunway Lagoon.

These moments, naturally, you’d love to capture and share with the world. This is why it’s essential to stay connected while you’re traveling. 

You’d want to update your social media pages with pictures and stories of your adventures. It’s also expected that you would be heavily relying on navigation and translator apps as you make your way through an unfamiliar town or city. And, of course, you’d love to take some of your time to give your folks back home a call to tell them what a wonderful time you’re having. 

For this, you will need a trusty and affordable 4G SIM card. And if you’ve never considered getting one for your trips in the past, here are some reasons why you should:


Send SMS Without the Extra Roaming Fee

You can even make use of free messaging apps to talk to your family and friends if you prefer chatting online!



Skip the Pricey International Data Rates

And enjoy high-speed internet, too! 



You Can Easily Call a Local Number

Say you experience an issue with your luggage or flight schedule, you can always contact the local office of your choice of airline to help find a solution to your problem sans the extra charges that come with international calls. 



Access Navigation Apps Anytime

Stay online 24/7 (or as long as your mobile device’s battery is juiced up), and feel the ease of exploring unfamiliar places with your favorite navigation app or mapping program! You can also check timetables for local public transportation while you’re at it.



Find Accommodations at the Last Minute

Looking for a place to stay upon arriving at your destination is not the most ideal situation, but sometimes, glitches happen to the best of us. With your own 4G SIM card that has internet access, you can conveniently search for hotels, hostels, or homestays.



Sharing Pictures and Stories on Social Media

Don’t let your Insta-worthy pictures go to waste and share them as soon as you snap them! 



Check-In for Your Flight

You need not test your patience by standing in a long line at the airport prior to your flight. Simply check-in for your flight with your mobile and enjoy the rest of your time at the airport munching on snacks or shopping for souvenirs.


Get your Malaysia travel SIM card here now!