Illusions and Psychedelic Hues: Inside Penang’s Dark Mansion

Step into an otherworldly realm of colors and imagery at the Dark Mansion in Penang. Billed as Malaysia’s first and only glow-in-the-dark museum, it combines art, science, and technology to create mystical attractions that are not just a treat to the eyes, but picture-perfect, too! Here are some of them:


Fairytale Land

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Live up your childhood fairytale dreams at Fairytale Land—a place that is just as whimsical as its name suggests. Awash with neon blooms and lush faux greens, this dense “forest” also features Cinderella’s carriage that makes for great photos. The highlight? With the magic of technology, watch yourself turn into a fairy and set flight with a thousand butterflies. 



Fire & Water: Tribute to Darwin

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It’s hard to miss the museum’s biggest attraction: a transcendent artwork of contrasting worlds of fire and water by renowned German 3D street painter and Guinness World Record-holder Edgar Mueller. Fire & Water: Tribute to Darwin is the artist’s one and only oeuvre that boasts a mind-blowing day-to-night transition effect. 



Tropical Pandora: The Forbidden Land

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Channel your inner Alice and find yourself in the wonderland that is Tropical Pandora: The Forbidden Land. Marvel at images of plants as they transform into living creatures. Or, get cozy in a tent and witness the attraction turn from day to night.



Infinity Room: The Origin of Eywa

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This Yayoi Kusama-esque attraction makes use of mirrors to create a breathtaking repetition of the room’s set, projecting a spellbinding universe. Featuring hanging glowing objects called Eywa (which, we’re told, means “brings life to everything”), it is an infinite space of possibilities—both in creativity and imagination.  



New Atlantis: The Underwater World

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Dive deep into the depths of the Dark Mansion’s enchanting ocean inspired by the story of “The Little Mermaid,” then embark on an underwater adventure with friendly sea creatures as you turn into a mermaid yourself.   


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Dark Mansion Penang

Address: 145 Kimberley Street, 10100 George Town, Penang
Phone: +604 251 9694

Museum Hours:
10:00 AM – 6:30 PM daily