5 Reasons Why Skyline Luge Should Be On Your List of Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is a country that shows that less can sometimes be more. Less land area didn’t stop this place to thrive and emerge as one of the strongest economies in Asia. But, we’re not here to discuss Singapore’s economic stability—yup, we’re not that much into numbers. Instead, we’re here to talk about one of its action-packed attractions, the Skyline Luge in Sentosa—that’s more like it.

In case you’re wondering, the Skyline Luge is just one of the many things you can do on Sentosa Island. You can go for a marine life discovery adventure at the S.E.A. Aquarium or go for a zipline at the Mega Adventure Park to feed your adrenaline rush. So, hold on for a sec, what’s special about the Skyline Luge? Read on to find out. 

The Skyline Luge originated in Rotorua, New Zealand over 33 years ago. It is an outdoor adventure that will satisfy your need for speed. The Skyline Luge is a wheeled gravity ride that gives you full control as you descend on a purpose-built track. Now, that description is a bit vague. To put things in perspective, you’ll be onboard a go-kart-like vehicle as you navigate your way on a downhill trail with the help of Isaac Newton’s law of gravity.  

Sounds like fun, right? Don’t worry, Skyline Luge is perfectly safe and suitable for all ages. With that said, here are five reasons why Skyline Luge should be on your list of places to visit in Singapore.  

Mario Kart-like Experience

We’ll say right off the bat that the Skyline Luge is a real life Mario Kart-like experience. You will drive downhill on a road that features twist and turns while competing with your family or friends. Nope, you can’t use weapons on this ride to distract or to knockout your opponent. Watch out for sharp curves as you make your way downhill for safety purposes. 

Wheel-to-Wheel Action

If you’re a motorsport fan, then you should definitely include the Skyline Luge on your Singapore travel checklist. The reason for this is that you and your friends or family will have the chance to go wheel-to-wheel while seated close to the ground. You will also feel a gust of wind as you drive your way around the track. However, you should be aware of your own limits and to always be mindful of others to avoid accidents.   

via Skyline Luge Sentosa

Thrilling Trails

Similar to Mario Kart, you will choose which trail will be your playground. The Skyline Luge features four trails with its respective unique layout. You can choose any of the following trails: (1) Dragon Trail, (2) Jungle Trail, (3) Kupu Kupu Trail, or (4) Expedition Trail. 

The Dragon Trail features several hairpins and bends that will challenge your skills. This 688m-long (around 0.7km) trail is perfect for those who want a more challenging track layout.

The Jungle Trail is 628m-long (0.6km) track that has lesser hairpins and bends as compared to the Dragon Trail. It comes with long straights which will give you a taste of how fast the Luge can go.  

The Kupu Kupu Trail is a 638m-long (0.6km) track that was launched in 2017. Kupu Kupu translates to butterfly in Malay. This trail features a layout that runs through Sentosa’s mystical forests. The Kupu Kupu Trail is ideal for those who are looking to have a leisure ride.  

The Expedition Trail was also launched in 2017 and comes with a 658m-long (0.7km) track layout. This trail comes with hairpins, sharp bends, and tunnels that runs through Sentosa’s rainforest. The Expedition Trail is also ideal for those individuals who want to experience a more challenging track layout.  

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Night Luge

You can also opt to go for a Night Luge in case you’re not a morning person. The Night Luge comes with unique light effects that add a different flavor to the track of your choice. The lights will be turned on starting 6pm. But, to fully enjoy the light effects, we suggest you go for a Night Luge 7pm onwards.  

Highly Addictive Fun For All Ages

Warning: the Skyline Luge is a highly addictive experience. More often than not, individuals who tried this activity would want to have another downhill drive. The wheel-to-wheel action, the thrill of speed, and the beautiful landscape around the track are enough reasons why individuals love to go for another round of drive. Indeed, “once is never enough.” Of note, riders must be at least six years old and 110cm (about 3’5”) or taller to ride the Luge alone. Children shorter than the said height requirement may still enjoy the Luge provided that he/she rides with an adult.

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The Skyline Luge is one of the places you need to visit when you’re in Singapore. It offers a unique experience that’s perfect for individuals who are seeking for a fun and thrilling adventure.  The Skyline Luge is open daily from 10am to 9:30pm (last ride is at 9:15pm). See you at the track!