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A Parent’s Guide To KidZania Bangkok

If there’s one place in Bangkok you and your kids shouldn’t miss, it’s KidZania. 

Among the largest branches of the popular chain of edutainment facilities around the world, KidZania Bangkok takes role-playing to a whole new level within a 10,000-square meter play space that mimics an actual city. Here, kids are free to become whatever they aspire to bea fireman, a pilot, a fashion modeyou name it! The experience also teaches them a handful of life lessons such as decision-making and teamwork that will surely help them as they grow older. 

Ready to treat your kids to the best learning experience that doubles as play time? Here are some tips to keep in mind before going to KidZania Bangkok:


Purchase your tickets in advance

Getting your tickets on-site is not advisable, as most visitors—mainly families and students on a school trip—may have already booked theirs in advance. The queues can get long, too, so it would be smart of you to purchase your tickets online. And besides, you wouldn’t want to spoil the excitement of your kids by making them wait as you line up at the ticketing counter. 

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Leave at least four free hours in your itinerary 

Trust us on this: Your kids will LOVE KidZania! But in this miniature city, time flies fast, too. So max out your time here as much as possible. Come early and let your little ones get first dibs on the occupations they want to try. Your kids have four hours to enjoy the center’s facilities. 


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Dress your kids in comfortable clothing 

KidZania Bangkok is a fully air-conditioned indoor play space, but some of the activities and tasks available might make them sweat…a lot. So, wearing light and comfy clothes is a must, as well as packing a fresh set of clothes. 


Eat before you go

Make sure to feed the kids before you leave home, as there are no restaurants or even snack bars at KidZania. Sure, they can opt to make their own meal (they can try their hands at preparing a hamburger at McDonald’s or sushi at Oishi Restaurant!), but that might not be enough to fuel them for long hours of playtime. 


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Encourage your kids to try a variety of jobs

…but don’t meddle with their overall decisions. KidZania aims to develop youngsters’ decision-making skills and independence. While you can encourage them to try certain occupations, leave them to decide for themselves. 


Give your kids a purse or a small bag

In KidZania, KidZos are the currency. Kids can either deposit them to their bank account or carry the amount around to avail of various items in the city. But to make it handling their cash easier (and to avoid misplacing their money), give your kids a purse or a small bag, where they can keep their loose KidZos. 


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Join in the fun!

Just because KidZania is made for kids, it doesn’t mean adults can no longer have their share of fun in the city! While kids do take the spotlight, parents can take part in some activities as a spectator or as a side performer. Be involved and show your kids that you support them with their choices!


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KidZania Bangkok Contact

Address: Siam Paragon 5th Floor (North Zone), 991 Rama1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Phone: +66 2 683 1888
Operating Hours: 10 AM – 5 PM (weekdays) | 10:30 AM – 8:30 PM (weekends and public holidays)