Essential Life Lessons and Skills Your Kids Will Learn At KidZania

KidZania is a world of its own, and children in their preschool to tweenage years are welcome to explore it.

From a realistic airport, where every guest’s KidZania journey starts, to a carefully planned play area that mimics an actual city, this award-winning chain of educational entertainment centers elevates the idea of role-playing with the help of state-of-the-art facilities as well as realistic props and costumes.

An ingenious concept from founder Xavier Lopez, KidZania saw its early beginnings in Mexico about two decades ago before expanding to 27 branches in 21 countries across the globe. Today, it is perhaps the ultimate edutainment destination, where kids can get a glimpse and gain first-hand experience of how things work in the real world.

Here, we rounded up five essential life lessons and skills kids will learn at KidZania:


Interpersonal Skills

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The activities that KidZania offers are highly interactive and will certainly encourage your child to break through their shell. See them hone their social skills as they collaborate with same-age friends and grown-ups to successfully carry out tasks in the miniature city. Missions include putting out a fire at a hotel, playing a game at the stadium, and publishing a magazine among many others.


Proper Hygiene

Parents will know that training their kids to practice proper personal hygiene can get really tricky. Enter KidZania’s plethora of activities that teach children the importance of proper personal hygiene. Moreover, they will also learn a lot about nutrition, food safety, and maintaining one’s overall health.


Financial Responsibility

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When it comes to teaching kids the value of money, it’s always best to start em young. And, KidZania is a great place for your kids to put their money management skills to practice. Not only will kids learn how to budget their money. They will also realize that nothing in this world ever comes for free.

Upon arrival, participating children will be given KidZos, the official currency of KidZania. They can either spend their KidZos on commodities available within the make-believe city or grow by taking jobs at establishments. They, too, can save their hard-earned cash by depositing their KidZos into their own bank account—yes, KidZania has an operational bank!



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In this kid-sized city, pretty much everything is for your kids to decide upon—whether it’s their next job or their next purchase. Now, you might be worried about things going out of control. Don’t! While children are given the freedom to run their little utopia, you can rest assured that KidZania is an absolutely safe play area.


Critical Thinking

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Playtime doubles as a brain exercise in KidZania. Here, kids can put their wits to the test by taking part in various activities that require problem-solving and critical thinking. Watch kids step into the position of a judge at the Courthouse or as an investigator at the Police Station. Trust us when we say that you’ll be impressed by how kids can actually figure things out on their own!


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