Top 20 Tips for a Fantastic First Time in LEGOLAND Malaysia

Everything is awesome in LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort!

The first of its kind in Asia, this massive LEGO-themed destination that boasts over 15,000 LEGO models made from over 60 million bricks brings together a theme park, water park, and hotel in one location for the ultimate getaway for LEGO lovers.

Visiting LEGOLAND Malaysia for the first time? Here are 20 tips we could give you for a fantastic and unforgettable experience:


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Book your tickets in advance!

Before you go, it would be best for you to book your tickets in advance. Not only is it hassle-free, it’s also a lot more wallet-friendly, as tickets purchased online tend to be cheaper.

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Visit during an off-peak day

Face it. LEGOLAND—regardless of where it is on the globe—is a popular destination for all ages. You can expect its parks and resorts to get pretty packed on some days. So if you want to avoid the crowds and long lines at attractions, visit during an off-peak day if you could. Weekdays are your best bet. But do check on Malaysia’s calendar, in case the country would be observing holidays around the time of your trip.


Check the weather forecast

Johor Bahru, where LEGOLAND Malaysia is located, enjoys a lot of sunlight throughout the year, but, of course, there are the occasional monsoon rains, especially from May to September and October to March. Since the weather in this area can be unpredictable, check the weather forecast before your visit, and again when you come. This will help you plan your activities better.


Go as early as possible

The best time to go to LEGOLAND is in the morning, when the park is less crowded and the waiting times at attractions are so much shorter.  


Download the park’s map

While you can pick up a map of the park at the information center upon your arrival, it would be smart of you to download a copy of it before your visit. This will give you a better idea of the park’s layout. You can even call the kids and ask them which spots they’d like to check out first!

Download the official LEGOLAND Malaysia map here


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Take the road less traveled

From the entrance of the park a.k.a. The Beginning, most visitors would start their LEGOLAND adventure from the right side. We say go in the opposite direction, towards LEGO Technic. It’s less crowded and the rides are so much more exciting—for more grown-up kids, at least!


Protect yourself from the weather

In LEGOLAND Malaysia, it can either be too sunny or rainy. There’s almost no in between. So, do pack some sunscreen, an umbrella, wear a hat or a cap and sunglasses, and bring a raincoat in case it rains.



We can’t stress this enough. You’ll be walking and playing a lot in sunny LEGOLAND, so keep your body cool by hydrating. There are no water refilling stations in the park, but you can purchase bottled water for 4 MYR (1 USD) at snack stalls, cafes, and restaurants in the vicinity.


Hit the outdoor attractions first!

Don’t take the sunshine for granted. You’ll never know if or when the rain would fall. So while the sun’s up, go and hit LEGOLAND’s fun outdoor attractions like Miniland and Land of Adventure.



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Take the little ones to the playgrounds

Younger children may not have the patience to wait in line for rides. Keep them happy and preoccupied by taking them to the play areas! The most suitable play area for little ones is right in front of Baby Care. It features slides, mini rides, and playhouses that kids will surely love.


Don’t bring outside food into the park

Bringing outside food into the park is prohibited. You may buy delicious kid-friendly meals in the park.


Pack your stuff in a waterproof bag

Whether you’re going to the Water Park or not, packing your stuff in a waterproof bag is highly advisable, since some of the park’s attractions might get your valuables wet.


Bring proper swimwear

This goes to everyone hitting the LEGOLAND Water Park. People wearing casual clothes like shirts and jeans won’t be allowed to try out the attractions. So change into proper swimwear before taking a dip.


Rent a locker if you have to

Got a lot of stuff with you? Locker stations are situated at The Great LEGO Race, Dino Island, and at the Water Park. 


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Pack clean sets of clothes

Even if you’re not headed to the Water Park, you won’t regret bringing a change of clothes. Y’know, it’s hot, you’ll be sweating a lot, and you might find yourself in a messy situation with the kids at the restaurant. Trust us on this.


Bring your own towels

There are towels you can borrow at the Water Park, but they will set you back at 20 MYR (5 USD). If you want to save your bucks, bring your own towels!


Don’t wear any jewelry or accessories on your visit

You will have to take them off anyway.


Collect your souvenirs just before you leave

If you’re done souvenir shopping, but still wish to go around the park without carrying bags around, you can request the store staff to have your purchase sent to the exit. Don’t forget to collect your items before you leave, though!


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Take a day trip from Singapore!

Did you know that LEGOLAND Malaysia is a short bus ride away from Singapore? Yes, you can definitely squeeze in a day trip to LEGOLAND during your Singapore vacation!

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Maximize your stay by checking in at the LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel

You may opt to stay in the LEGOLAND Malaysia Hotel if you really want to make the best out of your visit. A multi-colored building guarded by a green LEGO dragon, the hotel is every child’s (and child-at-heart’s) dream come true that features LEGO-themed bedrooms and amenities that will make your and your kids’ imagination run wild.


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Address: No 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar, 79250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone: +607 597 8888
Check park hours here.