Discover Singapore’s Newest Jewel In Changi Airport

There is no more fitting name for Changi Airport Singapore’s latest attraction.

The Jewel is the airport’s new lifestyle hub, offering a wide range of sights, stores, and sumptuous treats. It was opened in April this year; its unique and jaw-dropping design instantly catching the interest of travelers. Well, you can’t expect anything less from Moshe Safdie, the architect behind the Marina Bay Sands, who also also conceived this shiny complex.

After taking a break at Changi Airport’s Premium Lounge, navigate your way to a one-of-a-kind experience with our handy guide:



The HSBC Rain Vortex and the surrounding Shiseido Forest Valley | via Shutterstock

HSBC Rain Vortex

At 40 meters high, the Jewel’s crowning glory is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. The Rain Vortex mesmerizes locals and travelers alike at any time of day. The waterfall is illuminated by sunlight in the morning, and becomes a magnificent display of lights at night. Perfectly Instagrammable (make sure you have a trusty travel SIM card for your mobile data needs!), it is open to people of all ages from 8:00 AM to 12:30 AM.

Shiseido Forest Valley

Surrounding the Rain Vortex is a lush green landscape known as the Forest Valley. The tranquil space stretches out across four stories, and is home to over nine hundred trees and sixty thousand shrubs from all over the world. The Forest Valley invites everyone to take their time walking through each trail, as they get to know Singapore: The City in a Garden. The Forest Valley is open 24/7 for travelers to marvel at. 




The first Pokémon store outside Japan can be found at Jewel | via Shutterstock


Sportswear lovers can easily find a home at The Jewel, which houses the largest Southeast Asia branch of the sportswear brand. Nike at The Jewel spans two floors, both loaded with an extensive selection of shoes, clothing, and more. Apart from a massive selection of merchandise, Nike is also giving locals and travelers a chance to customize their Nike items through the first-ever “Nike For You” service.

Pokemon Store

For Pokémon enthusiasts, the real treasure lies in the first Pokémon Store outside Japan. The store’s ambiance is reminiscent of the original Pokémon Store in Japan. The store brings all kinds of Pokémon merchandise for all kinds of fans, whether you’re a fan of the video games or if you prefer to watch them on your screen. Fans can even snag Changi Airport-inspired merchandise exclusively at The Jewel!

Make Hero

For makeup and skin care enthusiasts, The Jewel houses the holy grail for all beauty needs. Japanese beauty companies Make-Up Inc. and Hirosophy are ready to bring the best beauty products to Singapore through Make Hero, their very first joint store. Make Hero is home to some of the top brand names in the Japanese beauty business, a real delight for many makeup and skin care enthusiasts.




Violet Oon’s specialty is Peranakan Cuisine | via Shutterstock

JW 360°

In the mood for Japanese food? The Jewel has you covered. JW 360° is a fusion of Restaurant Suju Masayuki, JW 360° Cafe, and Nomono. The restaurant itself features a wide array of Japanese dishes and sakura-themed interiors (which extends to some of their best-selling dishes!). What makes dining at JW 360° a one of a kind experience is its tangible connection to Japanese culture: Each diner receives an Ema to write their wishes on, which are later brought to a Shinto shrine in Japan to be blessed.

Yun Nans

For a taste of Chinese cuisine, The Jewel is bringing Yunnan’s biggest restaurant chain outside of China for the very first time. Yun Nans’ specialty is highland cuisine, and they are bringing in their flavorful treats to the denizens of Changi Airport. Apart from beloved Chinese treats, Yun Nans is also rolling out a few culinary creations that are exclusively available in their Singapore branch.


Violet Oon

Feast on sumptuous local dishes at the Violet Oon! This restaurant boasts expertise in Peranakan cuisine, as well as the representation of a variety of national culinary treasures across the country. After bringing a feast to the ION Orchard and the National Gallery, Violet Oon raised the bar of dining after opening their biggest branch at Jewel. Here, the restaurant is bringing the best of Singaporean food to travelers of all ages.