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How to get Around Dubrovnik: Croatia Transportation Guide

How to get Around Dubrovnik: Croatia Transportation Guide

Dubrovnik may not be the capital of Croatia, but no trip to Croatia is complete without stopping in this stunning and historic walled city. Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in southern Croatia, Dubrovnik is an enchanting spot- Game of Thrones has even filmed there! If you’re planning your Croation (that’s Croatia + vacation), we’ve put together this useful Dubrovnik transportation guide with everything you need to know when it comes to how to get around the city.


Here’s your guide to getting around Dubrovnik:


How to get from Dubrovnik Airport (Čilipi Airport) to Dubrovnik Old Town:

How to get Around Dubrovnik: Croatia Transportation Guide

Other than a previously booked private car service, there are two main ways to journey from Čilipi Airport (Dubrovnik Airport) to the Old Town (city center): taxi and bus.

A taxi may be the most comfortable option, however, the buses from the Dubrovnik airport are quite convenient. You can opt to take the local city buses to the city center of Dubrovnik, or the airport shuttle bus which brings you to the Dubrovnik Main Bus Station.


By Taxi

From Čilipi Airport, a taxi to Dubrovnik will run you about €30. If looking to grab a taxi without a reservation, you’ll want to head to the taxi rank. In addition to metered taxis, you can also try the Uber app, now available in Dubrovnik. Uber is less expensive than a traditional taxi, for info on Uber rates, check their official site. It will take you about 30 minutes to reach the Old Town. By the rank, you should see signage with the prices for the cab services, taxis are generally safe for tourists and you shouldn’t get ripped off.


By Bus

Airport Shuttle Bus

The Airport Shuttle Bus stop is located just outside the arrivals gate. The bus is timed to depart after flights have arrived, so you may have to wait up to 15 minutes. The bus timetable changes daily and is arranged according to the flight arrival schedule. The shuttle bus makes two stops: Pile Gate in front of Old Town Dubrovnik and Main Bus Station in Gruž Port.

The shuttle bus ticket price is 45kr (one-way) and travel time is about 45 minutes. When departing from the airport, to purchase a ticket for the shuttle bus head to the Atlas travel agency counter. If the counter is closed, you can purchase tickets from the driver, on the bus. If you are departing from Dubrovnik and heading to the airport, you can buy your ticket on the bus.  

How to get Around Dubrovnik: Croatia Transportation Guide

By Local Bus

The least expensive option to travel between Dubrovnik Airport and Old Town is the local bus. Unfortunately, that means it may not always be the most convenient option as it makes multiple stops but it’s great for budget travelers who aren’t on a strict timeline.

Buses 11 and 27 both travel from Dubrovnik downtown to the airport. If you’re traveling from the airport, you can purchase your ticket on the bus, the fare will be 15kr. It’s important to note that the city buses don’t operate very late, so be sure to check your flight times when planning your journey. You can download a schedule for the bus here and a map of the bus routes here.


Transportation Guide: How to get around Dubrovnik

Option 1: Public transportation

Dubrovnik’s public transportation system consists only of buses- there is no subway, tram, train or metro otherwise. Dubrovnik is easily accessed by buses that run across the city. The Dubrovnik buses are run by Libertas. You find all the routes within the city center here.

Most buses arrive every 20 minutes or so, so it may not also work best for your schedule. Different buses operate during different hours, some run as last as midnight, while others may end early at about 6:00 p.m. You’ll want to check the timetables here when planning a trip. Most likely, you’ll be taking the 1A, 1B and 1C routes, they connect the harbor and bus station at Gruz with the Pile Gate. Buses have their numbers very clearly marked on the front.


Bus tickets

Bus tickets are available for purchase at newspaper stands, the main bus terminal, bus stops, and hotel front desks. Tickets are valid for 1 hour, from the time of activation.

Bus Ticket Single Fare: 12kr


If you purchase tickets on the bus, the price is 15kr, instead of 12kr. Drivers won’t have enough change for large bills, so you should opt to pay in change.


If you’re going to be traveling by bus a lot during a day, a 24-hr bus pass might be a good fit. They are valid for 24 hours, from first use. You can purchase a pass at the main bus terminal.

Bus Ticket 24-Hr Pass Fare: 30kr


A popular choice for tourists is the Dubrovnik Card, which grants you unlimited free access to the Dubrovnik public transit as well as discounts and free admission for attractions in the city. The card is available as 1-day, 3-day, and a 7-day pass.


Option 2: By foot

How to get Around Dubrovnik: Croatia Transportation Guide

The historic, walled Old Town of Dubrovnik is entirely pedestrian. Many of the Dubrovnik landmarks are in the Old Town so walking from sight to sight is an excellent choice. Some heritage sites require walking up small hills or staircases, and the streets are made of cobblestone, so good shoes are a must for your vacation. You’ll definitely get in your exercise during your trip, but you’ll be rewarded with stunning landscape views.



Bikes are not recommended for getting around Dubrovnik. The city is quite pedestrian-friendly, but with the large amounts of people walking and cars roaming the area, cycling is quite difficult.


Option 3: Tours

If you love adventure, you’re probably more interested in a DIY approach to your vacation, rather than a pre-planned trip. Tours are a great way to easily make your way to major attractions or head out for a day tour, without dealing with the hassle of public transportation.


Here are two tours we recommend:

Karaka Sunset Cruise: Travel from Dubrovnik to nearby Lokrum Island on a 16th-century karaka ship. Enjoy a romantic dinner while sailing under the sunset and a starlit sky.

How to get Around Dubrovnik: Croatia Transportation Guide

Game of Thrones Walking Tour of Dubrovnik: Explore Kings Landing (Dubrovnik) and all of its sights. Hear about great battles and heroes’ valor then get insider information about actors and backstage intrigues while exploring Dubrovnik’s UNESCO-listed Old Town with an expert guide at your side.


Option 4: Taxis

How to get Around Dubrovnik: Croatia Transportation Guide

Taxis are easily found in Dubrovnik, and as mentioned, Uber is also available. Within Dubrovnik, taxi stands are located outside the Pile and Ploce gates, at Gruz, the bus station, and in Lapad. You can also catch water taxis if you want to avoid traffic, though it should be noted that this is a slower option and can be pricier.



Be sure to grab a SIM card for your trip to Croatia. This way, if you need to get on-the-go directions, order an Uber or reroute your trip, you’re not stranded!


Option 5: Ferries

How to get Around Dubrovnik: Croatia Transportation Guide

From Dubrovnik, you can hop on a ferry and find yourself at Lokrum Island. Lokrum Island is a short trip on the ferry from Dubrovnik. Travelers can spend a half or full day on the island, taking in the breathtaking views. From Dubrovnik’s Old Port, take a ferry for about 15 minutes to Lokrum. The ferry leaves about every 30 minutes in the summer (less often during the rest of the year). The ferry operates seven days a week, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

Ferry Ticket Fare: 40kr


Dubrovnik is steeped in history, in fact, the walls of the Old Town were constructed from the 12th – 17th century. With such a rich history and culture, it’s clear to see why Dubrovnik is a must-see stop. You won’t miss any of the sights in this amazing city, so be sure to study your transportation guide ahead so you can be a pro at getting around Dubrovnik.