An Experience of a Lifetime at the Harukas 300

Is taking in the most beautiful view of Osaka one of the items on your bucket list? Yes? If so, luckily, your travel dream isn’t so far away. The city of Osaka, Japan, boasts the Harukas 300, a 300-meter viewing platform in the center of wonderful city, offering an awe-inspiring, bird’s eye view of the vast Kansai region. Sound like a dream? It really is!

For those afraid of heights, don’t worry – you’re perfectly safe, as you have the choice to witness the view from inside the glass observation deck. However, for the thrill seekers out there, you’re just as free to peek at the edge of the tallest skyscraper in Japan, taking in both the magnificent view and the adrenaline trip of a lifetime.


All it takes is a quick ride up to the 60th floor, where you are immediately granted a spot at the the glass observatory deck. The observation treats guests to a panoramic, cityscape view of Osaka from way above the ground, perfect for landscape photos,  wide-angle group photos, and even gorgeous selfies and OOTDs your Instagram followers will surely be asking about.

Some travelers go the extra mile by not just taking photos, but by taking extra fun and adventure in going as a group of friends and going on the #EdgeOfHarukas challenge. No fear involved, as friends enjoy circling the observatory deck the whole way, right at the top of the skyscraper, at the very edge, making sure not to miss out on any inch of the city view with their own curious eyes and every other sense.

Whichever way you prefer, each tourist is encouraged to take in the view in all its glory, breathe in deeply Osaka’s fresh, clean air, admire Japan’s clear skies, and be one with nature at the 58th floor, where an open-air outdoor plaza can be found. This plaza is the best respite, both for guests post-thrill or for those who just wish to wind down.

For the traveling night owls, the experience is just as breathtaking as it is in night. The top view still greets you majestically, but this time, as a sea of twinkling, city lights. Aside from that already grand view, a special lights and music show surprises guests, which you can even accompany with a romantic dinner at the Sky Garden 300 Restaurant.

For the younger kids, entertainment is available on other floors of the building, proving that boredom isn’t an option at the Harukas 300. For the art-lovers, there is an Art Museum available at the 16th floor, where Japan’s best works are exhibited in a gallery worth your free time. For shopaholics looking to bring home a piece of Osaka at its most authentic and unique, a variety of shops are also available to browse through. Cultural exhibits are also around for casual passers-by interested to know more about Osaka’s rich culture.

And if you’re looking for a place to spend the night in luxury, there are even hotels available for booking. Seems like the Harukas 300 has got it all covered for you! An easy way to spend the day or night away, it’s no wonder this spot has become a must-see destination for travelers all over the world. Because who can say no to an exhilaratingly beautiful, fun experience that’ll keep you at the edge of your seats (or building, rather), with amazing photos, videos, and memories to match?

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