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Hotel MyStays, Your Home Away from Home in Osaka

There are so many ways to enjoy Osaka, Japan’s largest port city and commercial center. The modern architecture of city blends seamlessly with its rich historical past. From touring the iconic Osaka Castle to hopping on movie-themed roller coasters at Universal Studios Japan, you’ll quickly find yourself enjoying yourself to the point of exhaustion. It’s all thanks to the endless possibilities offered by the urban city’s own brand of art, history, and entertainment.

Surrounded by the ancient cities of Nara, Kobe, and Kyoto, Osaka is also the best base for your cherry blossom, fall foliage or Shinto temple adventures! That being said, you’ll need restful accommodations for your jam-packed Osaka itinerary and budget. Look no further than Hotel MyStays, where style, comfort, and luxury go hand-in-hand.

Hotel MyStays

Option 1: Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower

As much as possible, we’d all love to have a room with a stunning view, right? Consider your wish granted. Located in the Minato Ward and nearby Universal Studios and Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower, which rises all the way up to the 46th floor, won’t disappoint.

Aside from three room options to suit your budget and style: “Standard”, “Superior” and “Deluxe”, you can go ahead and book the “Sky Floor” rooms from the 46th floor up, or colorful themed rooms with play tables that your children will surely love.

The boutique hotel also houses a convenient restaurant, bar, free public shuttles, and of course, free Wi-Fi!

Rejuvenate your senses at the new Solaniwa Onsen

We’ve all been to theme parks, but have you ever been to a hot spring theme park? Why not grab the chance to experience it only at Solaniwa Onsen, a uniquely Japanese-inspired attraction with a discount exclusive (see details below) to Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower! It marries the concept of traditional onsens with the modern luxuries of a shopping mall—think natural hot springs and foot baths to heated stone saunas, relaxation spas, restaurants, gift shops, a rooftop garden and much more!

Option 2: Hotel MyStays Premier Dojima

Another great option in Osaka from Hotel MyStays, Premier Dojima boasts a chic interior and an extra-convenient location near JR Osaka Station for those looking to travel the cities near Osaka too. The rooms have a no-frills approach that’s perfect for the minimalist traveler, plus its got all the modern amenities covered: free WI-FI, humidifier, flat screen, satellite TV, electric kettle, work desk and fridge.

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