9 Most Exciting Sydney Night Activities For All Traveler Types

Sydney is brimming with exciting outdoor activities, found not only during the daytime. As the night slowly falls, the mesmerizing street and building lights reflect on the shimmering Sydney Harbour, brightening up the cityscape. At this point, the whole city is enlivened by fun activities, making it look truly spectacular!

Several districts in the heart of the city come even more alive at night. So make every second count as you seek a memorable night with these 9 diverse and unique activities in Sydney. Yes, we know all travelers live their nightlife differently, but be rest assured that you’re in good hands. Whether you’re a party animal, a gourmet or a cultured traveler, Sydney truly does have everything for everyone.

For Partygoers:

Up for a night out with friends or the special someone? Well, you gotta know the best districts to explore some of the most vibrant bars and clubs! Here are our top picks:

1. Bar or Club Crawl at Oxford Street

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Head to the liveliest part of Sydney, Oxford Street, also known as the main gay street in the city. Hosting the famous LGBT Mardi Gras Parade every year, Oxford Street also boasts a shopping strip, pulsing bars and nightclubs for shoppers and party-lovers alike.

Mingle with the locals at their beloved bar Ching-a-Lings, swing with some dope hip-hop music with amazing cocktails at Big Poppa’s, or have some world-class craft beers at the laid-back Bitter Phew. To boogie all night, head to Oxford Art Factory for best live underground music in an intimate space. Or, go for some eye-opening drag performance at Arq, to which even Lady Gaga paid a visit.

 2.  Drink in the River View at Rooftop Bars by the Harbour

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Sydney abounds with rooftop bars thanks to the sunny and warm weather. What can beat the combination of a breathtaking harbour night view, killer cocktails, and cozy ambiance?

There are several rooftop bars dotted around the city, but pick those by the harbour for the incredible view as a bonus. Go to Cafe del Mar at Darling Harbour, where Spanish Isle of Ibiza clash with modern Sydney. It serves finger-licking Mediterranean cuisine, stunning water views and atmospheric music in the background. Bungalow 8, which is nearby Cafe de Mar, offers tropical flavored cocktails, wines or beers on tap. Late at night, you can dive into the music at the dance floor till sunrise.

Is the level of sophistication too much for  your personality? Fear not—while traveling, you can be whoever you wanna be!

For Foodies:

If you’re up for some special dining experience at night in Sydney, then seriously consider these options to satisfy your taste buds:

3. Fine Dining on Dinner Cruise

Image via KKday

Throw your worries miles away by enjoying the scenic sunset or night views on the waterway. Dine and drink while illuminated landmarks by the river slowly glide pass you by view them up close right outside the boat’s huge glass windows! This is a classic experience to tick off your to-do box while visiting Sydney.

Image via KKday

After you walk on board, you’ll be led to your reserved candle-lit table. Choose a main course (Australian beef tenderloin, oven roasted chicken, trout or ravioli) which will be served with exquisite appetizers and dessert. Oh, and your wine glass will never be left empty. How great is that? Wait no further and let KKday save you a spot for now!

4. Get Lost in Chinatown Night Markets

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Have a sneak peek of the multicultural side of Sydney as you stroll down the Friday night market at Chinatown, along Dixon Street. There’s tons of things to try, from the East Ocean Dim Sum from best yum cha restaurants in the city, lamb skewers, and piping hot takoyaki to mouthwatering BBQ, and Japanese pancakes.

Besides street food, scope out stalls for clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts designed by Asian students and artists. The market is opened from 4pm to 11pm on Fridays, so don’t miss it!

5. Sydney Tower Buffet

Image via KKday

Catch a bird-eye revolving view of Sydney at the top of Sydney Tower while you dig in an unlimited buffet. While the view from Sydney Tower is still great during the day, at night, it becomes even more sensational with all the glittering city lights.

Image via KKday

The buffet is not exactly cheap, but you’ll get over 55 dishes of eateries— sushi, seafood, pasta, nachos, and Australian specialties such as Kangaroo rump, to name a few. Find a special occasion to celebrate with loved ones and take home a piece of Sydney’s night view with you. Book it now with KKday.

For the Cultured:

Instead of partying all night, would you rather explore some cultural scenes? Here are some special activities you can take part in:

6. NSW Art Gallery After Hours

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If you’re craving for arts but your day is jam-packed with visiting other attractions, come to NSW Art Gallery at night. The gallery is one of the largest public galleries in Australia. It is home of collections of Aboriginal art, European and Asian historical arts and treasures, and contemporary art from local and international artists.

Every Wednesday, the closing time of the display is postponed until 10pm. Some exhibition talks, workshops or film screening will take place in the evening too. Take a look on the gallery website for details.  

7. Moonlight Cinema

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When summer arrives Sydney, why not join the rest and watch the biggest blockbusters or cult classic films underneath the stars? From 29 November 2018 to 31 March 2019, Moonlight Cinema hosts a series of screening programs at Centennial Park. Prepare some picnic snacks and drinks (or let the licensed bar and catering there take care of that), rent a bean bed, and simply enjoy the movie on the park meadow.

For Nature-lovers

Love the sea and the stars? Although Sydney is the biggest city in Australia, you can still get close to nature, even at night. You just have to get ready to be amazed.

8. Brave Through the Waves at Twilight Sailing

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Even if you’re not an adept sailor, you can still pretend you are one with a fun bout of yacht racing! Be part of the crew for the exhilarating twilight yacht race on Sydney Harbour. The crew will instruct the guests to pull ropes and help out. Or, you can just chill and watch everything happens around you. After the race, you’ll be rewarded with beers or wine on the deck while watching the sunset on the water.

If competition is not your thing, opt for a slow-sailing Twilight Cruise. Taste some organic wines and gourmet cheese while you sail past the city under the beautiful twilight.

9. Go Stargazing at Sydney Observatory

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Are you curious to learn more about the constellations of the southern sky? Longing to unlock a few mysteries of the Universe? Join the night tour of Sydney Observatory guided by experienced astronomers. You’ll have a precious opportunity to use the telescope and observe the stars and other heavenly bodies closely. Moreover, you’ll visit the Planetarium and the dome to gain more knowledge of astronomy.

The tour is suitable for individuals, couples, friends, and family. Before or after the tour, you can also stop at the Observatory Hill Park to overlook the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


What type of night activities would you go for in Sydney? We hope you’ve found some ideas that will make your nights unforgettable!

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