The Best 5 Warm Destinations to Beat Your Winter Blues

Around this time of the year, several countries at the northern hemisphere are buried beneath sheets of snow, surrounded by frosty temperatures and gloomy skies. However, many of world’s best destinations are filled with nothing but sunshine and warm breezes.

Feel like you’ve had enough of the snow and frigid wind? Drop your heavy coats and step onto these 5 warm weather destinations to escape the winter’s cold!

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

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Let us not forget about the 50th state of America. Enter the world of Hawaii, which has one of the most pleasant climates on earth. Your winter season will be all about humpback whale watching (only from November-April) or rewarding yourself with sweet and sour pineapple juice after a long day of snorkeling with the sea turtles. Finally, spice things up drinking in the panoramic sunset in Hawaii Star of Honolulu Sunset Dinner Cruise.

Wanna explore more of nature rather than just relaxing around the beaches? Take a day tour of Hawaii’s National Volcanoes on Hilo Island.

    • Average Temperature: 26°C
    • Best Months to Visit: From December to February (Expect more rainfall in January). February has the better beach conditions for surfers.

2. Boracay, Philippines

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Far away from typhoon and southwest monsoon from June to October, the winter season is indeed the best time to visit the Philippines. Boracay has just reopened, so if you’re looking for some less crowded, cleaner, long strip of white sand, then Boracay is the right place for you.

Enjoy many activities such as the adrenaline-filled white water rafting for some rainforest adventure, and the totally IG-worthy mermaid swimming classes. Otherwise, you can simply listen to the soothing ocean waves and enjoy rare serenity under the warm sun. For more information about Boracay’s reopening, check out our article: Boracay Reopening This October 2018: What You Need to Know.

  • Average Temperature: 28°C
  • Best Months to Visit: From January to March

3. Bali, Indonesia

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This gem in Indonesia is gifted with benign weather, ranging from 26°C to 29°C all year round. Although the rainy season falls from October to March, you’ll only meet with a brief downpour of rains, and the fresh, earthy smell it gives off afterward.

Get the sun-kissed tan at the picturesque beaches, tour along magnificent East Coastline and greet sea turtles, or visit the ancient Balinese Hindu temples dotted around the island. Be sure to visit Ubud for treasure hunting at the art market or galleries. Rich in wildlife adventures, arts, culture and relaxation, Bali is the idyllic place for your winter getaway.

  • Average Temperature: 28°C
  • Best Month to Visit: December

4. Phuket, Thailand

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Watch the rippling blanket of turquoise seawater crashing on the iron-white sand shores. Phuket in Thailand is without a doubt one of the most praised beach heavens in the world. The best time to visit is between November and February when the weather is cooler after the monsoon season, and the sea is calmer for activities. Make sure you book ahead to witness this astounding beach at a low price!

For those who don’t mind spending much, try out a Similan Islands Snorkeling Day Tour or Phi Phi Islands Day Tour to snorkel around colorful corals and marine life with a professional guide. Or, try Phuket Thai Cookery School, where you get to taste and make a variety of popular Thai dishes. Whatever you choose to do, Phuket surely won’t disappoint you!

  • Average Temperature: 30°C
  • Best Month to Visit: From November to February

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Angkor Wat, one of the most famous sites in the world that has stayed on your bucket list for a long while. Why not finally tick the box this winter?

Siem Reap is the gateway to unparalleled ancient temples such as Banteay Srei and Beng Mealea, which are mysteriously hidden in the jungle. Angkor Wat’s unmistakable corncob towers, along with exquisite and long relieves on the temple walls reveal its forgotten past of a lost civilization. Other than temples, the floating villages on the Tonle Sap lake near the city is another remarkable place to witness the different lifestyle of the locals.

From November to March, you can enjoy the dry season suitable for winter travel. Remember to put on short clothes, pants, and sunblock!

  • Average Temperature: 27°C
  • Best Month to Visit: From November to March

So where is your next travel destination going to be? Don’t let the wintry weather freeze your wanderlust! The world is still your oyster, no matter which season it is.

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