What Kind of Taiwan Trips Fit Your Travel Personality?

Taiwan, despite being a small yam-shaped island, is also home of one hundred high mountain peaks, ever-changing coastline, a mixture of well-preserved history and culture, great food diversity, and genuine and warm-hearted people.

With so much to offer, Taiwan is undoubtedly a destination suitable for all types of travelers. Do you know your travel personality? Even if you do, which adventures on the island best fits your character and your travel goals? Find out your travel style and choose your own perfect adventure on this treasure island!

For Cultural/Intellectual Explorers

You travel mostly to get out of your intellectual comfort zone. You aim to open your mind by immersing yourself in cultural settings completely different from where you’re from. If this brief description fits you perfectly, you are a cultural or intellectual explorer!

This type of traveler might be a history buff spending a bunch of time wandering around historical sites or museums, actively participating in local events, or engaging in pleasurable conversations with the locals, just to go beyond their own roots.The best locations for you to explore are a few main and historical cities on the west coast, namely Taipei, Tainan, and Kaohsiung!

In and Around Taipei

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Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, might not be as glamorous as Hong Kong or Tokyo. You won’t be awed by a jungle of modern skyscrapers, but rather be stunned by vibrant and youthful energy which keep transforming the old buildings and communities. On top of that, a few rare historical sites offer you a glimpse of traditional Chinese culture and history.

 Walk around the night markets and farmers markets to explore some local delicacies, and watch the energetic street vendors dish out finger-licking snacks, such as rice tube puddings, pork buns, and oyster omelettes. Check out the creative spaces that boast creative markets, live music, and art performances. Museums such as the National Palace Museum and Taipei Fine Arts Museum are must-visit highlights for your cultural cravings.

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Unwind from the city hassle when you take off to mountain towns around Taipei. You can uncover the traditional tea culture at Jiufen, or walk on the train rails and fly a sky lantern at Pingxi. If you wanna venture off the beaten track, make sure you go on a day trip to Shiding Thousand Island Lake, Ba Gua tea Garden and Shiding Old Street! It is considered a hidden gem where you’ll see the terraced tea fields and green as far as the eye could see, and the emerald green rivers flowing around lush mountains.

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This most historical city in Taiwan will take you back to a bygone era. What was once the island’s capital from 17th to 19th century now still boasts centuries-old temples and fortresses. Anping Castle, Confucius Temple, Chihkan Tower, to name a few, are the top sites for learning Taiwan’s most important piece of history. Tainan is also most famous for its delicious local delicacies— much more than Taipei! Don’t forget to get lost in their night markets and flower market to mingle with the local foodies.

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The biggest port city located in the southwest coast offers numerous temples and landmarks, the newly launched National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, laid-back cafes and shops around Love River, and one of the most beautiful MRT station in the world! Need more reasons to visit Kaohsiung? Check out our comprehensive article, “7 Reasons Why Kaohsiung Should Be Your Next Adventure”!

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For Nature Lovers

If you are a nature lover, you are most likely to seek travel destinations that are out in the wild to stay as far as possible from the urban grind. You view nature as a playground for your active soul. When you return from a trip, your camera is always filled with photos of natural wonders that you can’t wait to share with your family and friends!

Sounds just like you? Then here’s good news for you— the mountains are Taiwan’s best-kept secrets! 70% of Taiwan consists of mountains, and they are not so far away from the cities. The awe-inspiring landscape, lakes and hiking forest trails are drawing both locals and visitors, and still, nowadays there are natural gems waiting to be unveiled. The best spots we suggest for nature lovers are the middle of Taiwan, around Taichung and Nantou!

Nantou: Lotus Forest and Sun Link Sea Forest

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See a quiet and misty pond in the middle of the deep mountain, with its still water reflecting a group of dead cedar trees standing straight in. This mysterious and fairy-tale like scene can only be seen in Lotus Forest, a one-of-a-kind natural attraction in Nantou. Close by is the Sun Link Sea Forest Recreation Area, where visitors walk along the hiking trails and stumble on waterfalls, ancient red cypress forests and crystal clear ponds.

Since reaching this dreamy nature wonder could be hectic, KKday provides a day tour with pick-ups from Taichung City or Xitou. So don’t hesitate to explore the forest’s pristine beauty!

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Taichung: Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing

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Sun Moon Lake, one of the most famous attractions in Taiwan, is seated at the foothills of the central mountain range. It is the second biggest lake hugged by undulating mountains that sometimes fades into a blurred backdrop when weather turns foggy. Despite being a ‘lil bit too touristy nowadays, it is a loved destination for those looking for some peace and quiet in the midst of an mysterious setting.

The best way to soak in its beauty is by going on a bike ride around the lake, and hop on a gondola for a picture-genic aerial view of the Sun Moon Lake.

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Cingjing, on the other hand, is the most visitor-friendly farm in Taiwan, where you can not only embrace the breathtaking grassland and wide mountain view, but also get close to the adorable farm animals! Viewing the white fluffy flock of sheep strolling on the peaceful pastures will make all your worries drift away.

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For Adrenaline Junkies

You have the zest for life and you wanna live it to the fullest! Easily bored from mundane activities, danger junkies are adventurous at heart. Which means you love to seek thrills and unusual experiences during travels. No place is too intimidating for you ‘cause your courage and energy far outshines your fear. Your life motto? “Sky’s the limit and YOLO”!

If we described you perfectly we know just the right trip for you in Taiwan! Head to Taiwan’s east coast, the top-notch locale for extreme sports! The rough terrain, torrent river, steep ocean and river cliffs, and other raw beauty of nature makes it a perfect place to indulge in heart-pumping activities.


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Hualien is located on a strip of plain land between the Pacific Ocean and the central mountain range. Nicknamed “The backyard of Taiwan”, it is not only an ideal base to go on an expedition to the must-visit Taroko National Park, but its rich natural resources also give birth to plenty of thrilling activities.

River trekking at Shapodang river, for example, is a great chance to challenge your river survival skills while having loads of fun! The river is a secret paradise not so far from Hualien city. Gaze in the uncommonly-clear water and you can see all the pebbles and fish swimming underneath. Brave through the strong water current, natural water slides, and jump from the cliff into the deep pond!

East Rift Valley, (Image via Fotolia)

Another travel experience to satisfy risk-takers is paragliding! Guided by extremely friendly coaches, you’ll soar above at 680 meters above sea level, and hover over the scenic East Rift Valley for a panoramic view that will leave you speechless. Now, buckle up your safety belt and have the time of your life!

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What type of traveler are you? You could be one, a combination, or all of the above, or you might still be looking for an answer. One thing’s for sure— you’ll get closer to who you truly are when you set off a journey. Let Taiwan be your inspiration!

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