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End The Year in Style: Sydney Fireworks NYE Cruise 2018/2019

When it comes to celebrating the most extravagant New Year’s Eve, Sydney takes the cake! Every year, the Australian capital boasts a brilliant, city-wide fireworks display event that captures the hearts of viewers all over the world. And what’s the best way to celebrate NYE in Sydney? The answer is no less than a glamorous dinner cruise across the glimmering waters, and witnessing the fireworks dance over Harbour Bridge!  

There are hundreds of operators and tons of overwhelming choices, but which one will give you the most bang for your buck? We’ve taken the the time to create a quick rundown, so you can make your NYE Sydney Fireworks Cruise a smooth and spectacular experience!

What You Should Know Before You Go:

Where To Stay

(Image via Pixabay)

Just in case you’re not sure where to stay, here’s our list of recommendations, no matter your budget or style! To make things easier for you after one too many drinks, choose a hotel within walking distance in CBD. Be warned—you won’t be able to drive your car around or find quick transportation during NYE (hello, road closures!).

What To Expect

Lights, music, and partying everywhere! Should you opt not to book a ticket to cruise, you’ll be battling it out with the crowds for a spot to see the waterfall-like fireworks spreading gracefully over the harbour. Not to mention, major roads will be closed.

There are a lot of cruise boat operators though, ranging from luxury to dingy. And getting a sub-par cruise means a not-so-good vantage point, no food or drinks, and worst of all, no boat safety guarantees. Wouldn’t it be an absolute waste for this iconic occasion celebrated by millions? Guarantee a legendary evening through reliable local agencies and travel companies!

What Is It

(Image via Bodie Strain, Flickr)

Sydney’s yearly fireworks shindig is a multi-tiered extravaganza (check out the official schedule here). Look around you and be surrounded by fun-loving partygoers swaying their hips to live bands and DJs, all under the captivating spell of the vivid night sky. When the clock strikes 9 and 12, popular hits begin to play. Marvel as a synchronized set of fireworks sets off the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge’s arches, catwalk, and runway.

There are two main firework events: namely ‘9pm Family Fireworks’ (keeping in mind the kiddies who may fall asleep early) and the globally televised ‘Midnight Fireworks’. We’ll leave you to guess what time they’re happening! *wink*

As for the cruise itself, again, your experience highly depends on which boat operator you are booking. Need a completely unobstructed view of the Harbour? Want a live DJ? Or how about a boat with glass window indoor viewing platforms so you can feast while watching? Whether you fancy a five-course dinner with Australian wines or a simple picnic, we’ve listed out some great options for you below via KKday.

Recommendations for Your Fabulous 2018 – 2019 Sydney NYE Cruise:

Option 1: Bring Your Own Picnic with a Stunning View

A simple and cozy option. Advantages: this boat boasts a lounge on the deck with a view that’s facing the Sydney Harbour and Opera House. Bring a tasty picnic to enjoy for 5 hours underneath the stars.

  • Boarding Time: 6:45pm
  • Cost: US$437.65

Option 2: Includes 5-Course Meal, Drinks, Boat Show and Live DJ

Since this event is quite expensive, might as well go all-out! Say goodbye to #FOMO by dancing the night away, er, ‘til 1am. Tuck into spanner crab tian and avocado salsa paired with fine Australian wines and flowing drinks, all while watching the classic, ‘Voyage of Love’ show.

  • Boarding Time: 5:45pm
  • Cost: US$809.13

Option 3: Deluxe Glass Boat, 5-Course Meal and Drinks

Looking for the more elegant option? This authentic paddlewheeler-style ship will have you sailing around the harbour in style and comfort. Never miss a moment thanks to its glass floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • Boarding Time: 6:45pm
  • Cost: US$809.13

Option 4: Deluxe Glass Boat, 5-Course Meal, Live DJ, Seafood Buffet

Similar to Option 3, still fancy, but more youthful with a live DJ and seafood buffet. Book your spot at one of the hottest parties happening in Sydney!

  • Boarding Time: 5:45pm
  • Cost: US$698.79

Now that we’ve given you the basics, it’s time to leave 2018 with #noregrets. Spend your New Year’s Eve on a Sydney Fireworks Cruise for a legendary evening full of color, lights, laughter, and love.

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