10 Must-Buy Beauty Products from Japan

Japan is well known as a paradise for beauty products and I don’t know about you, but before each trip to Japan we’re frantically searching for info on which cosmetics to bring back with us. If you are like us, you’ll already be making that shopping list so let’s run down 10 of our favorites and see how many can make it on your list. Let’s Go!


#1 Flowfushi – Area Foundy – Under Eye Concealer

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Flowfushi’s Area Foundy Under Eye Concealer follows hot on the heels of Flowfushi’s top selling Ion De Cushion. The Area Foundy however, has a few advantages over it’s predecessor. With two heads, it’s super convenient, there’s a foundation brush and a tip brush so there is no need for a pad, a sponge or your fingers. So, if you have trouble with dark circles around the eyes, this is the answer. Area Foundy is available in Natural and Cover, pick the one for you and give it a go!

#2 Flowfushi – Mascara

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Flowfushi have a huge ranch of great mascaras, (including base mascaras) for all your mascara needs. Whether you’re looking for touch of volume, some extra length or anything else, Flowfushi has all bases covered. In fact, even we have trouble deciding which to choose!

#3 Excel – Eyebrow Pencil

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Ranked #1 eyebrow product by @cosme2015, it’s no wonder the Excel Eyebrow Pencil is one that has been talked about a lot on blogs and by YouTubers and why consumers keep coming back for more. One Excel Eyebrow Pencil has three uses: the eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder and eyebrow brush. There are also 8 different colors to suit a wide range hair colors. This is ridiculously popular in Japan, it’s time for you to find out why!

#4 Kao – Heating Pads

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This is a really great invention for younger women suffering with period pains or backaches. Most of the heating pads on the market are more suitable for older generations, they are so big and not very pretty, everyone can tell when it’s your time of the month! With these Kao Heating Pads, simply stick it over the offending area and it really helps relieve pain, not only that, but it’s also easily hidden underneath clothes, nobody will be able to tell.

#5 SS –  Acne Cream

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If you’re not seeing the right results from Pair or Mentholatum acne creams, then you’ve got to give SS Acne Cream a try. It has excellent anti-inflammatory results on bigger spots too. This SS Acne Cream can be tough to get hold of in the shops of Tokyo, often sold out or unavailable but keep digging, it’s totally worth it!

#6 Futae – Night Pack


If you want to turn that single eyelid into a double, your savior is here! No need for surgery and no impact on your makeup, the Futae Night Pack is hot news right now. Don’t give up on those eyelids just yet, this might just be the answer you’re looking for.

#7 DHC – Lip Cream

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Yeah we know, we’ve all tried a lot of lip balms and creams, in my honest opinion though, the DHC Lip Cream is the champion of lip protection. It isn’t oily but has really good moisture. DHC Lip Cream is available outside of Japan, but you can certainly save some money picking it up on your travels here.

#8 Sekkisui – White Washing Cream

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The facewash with the best bang for your buck! With the Sekkisui White Washing Cream you only need a little squeeze for plenty of lather to gently clean your whole face and no dryness! Sekkisui White Washing Cream is only available in Japanese 7/11 stores. You can also buy a whole box of them if you want to stock up or if you’re feeling generous, you can share with your friends. Some 7/11 shops offer tax refunds too, making this an even better deal!

#9 Sugao – Air Fit CC Cream

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Officially endorsed by Miyazaki Aoi, Sugao CC Cream is a top seller in Japanese pharmacies. Sugao are big hitters in Japan and also have a super popular mousse blush. Sugao CC Cream has been rigorously tested in harsh weather conditions and not only does it serve as a great moisturizer, it will also help your skin appear brighter. Any of you with dry skin need to get this on their shopping list immediately.

#10 Love Darling – Eyeliner

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Winner of Cosme’s best eyeliner for two consecutive years, a nice brush, not too much or not too little liquid, fast drying speed, smooth lines and long lasting, the Love Darling Eyeliner is as good as it gets. On top of all this the package design so cool too, straight in the basket!

Honestly, Japan has so many excellent beauty products, to pick just 10 to recommend was incredibly difficult to do. We hope a few of these can help you out, but what we really want, is for you to have the opportunity to go, see and try some of these products for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something new!