Your Jam-Packed 5-Day Sydney Itinerary!

Welcome to sunshine Sydney, one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world! Brimming with history, nature, culture, arts and ethnic diversity, this New South Wales capital definitely has a lot to offer.

How do you make the most of Sydney, Australia’s most historical and most cosmopolitan city in 5 days? Yes, you need at least 5 days to do justice to your Sydney adventure! What is there to see besides visiting world-famous landmarks like Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, and Blue Mountains? Wanna try climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Get ready to rock Sydney as we unfold our care-free 5-day Sydney itinerary!

The Perfect 5-Day Itinerary in Sydney:

Day 1: Sydney Airport → Hyde Park → St. Mary’s Cathedral

The Goal of the Day: Right after  arriving in Sydney, get a feel for the city by wandering around the center

Pro-tip: To see all the major attractions without transport challenges, book a Sydney & Bondi Explorer Bus Pass!

First Stop: Hyde Park

Hyde Park, (Image via Shutterstock)

Backed by reviews from countless visitors, Hyde Park is the perfect place to start your trip! Not just any ordinary park, it’s the oldest parkland (with approx. 200 years history) in Australia right in the heart of Sydney.

Take a long stroll down the tranquil and expansive avenue of Hill’s Weeping Figs, walk around beautiful fountains, monuments and statues, and perhaps have a picnic lunch on the lawn like a true local. It is the green oasis for you to freshen up after a long flight, and immerse in Sydney’s chill atmosphere.

Second Stop: St. Mary’s Cathedral

St. Mary’s Cathedral, (Image via Shutterstock)

St. Mary’s Cathedral is right on the border of Hyde Park, and its magnificent gothic architecture style makes it stand out from its surroundings. Built in 1858, the cathedral is constructed in local sandstone, towering at 46 meters high above the ground.

Admire at the majestic steeples, the exquisite and colorful stained glass windows shining under the sunlight, and have a moment of  serenity inside the church.

    • Address: St Mary’s Cathedral, 2 St Mary’s Road, Sydney NSW 2000 (Google Maps)
    • Opening Time: Weekdays 6:30am – 6:30pm, Saturday 8:30am – 7:00pm, Sunday 6:30am – 7:00pm
    • Official Website


Day 2: Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge → (The Rocks Market)→ Sydney Opera House → Royal Botanic Garden

The Goal of the Day: Tick all the boxes of Sydney landmarks

First Stop: BridgeClimb Sydney(Sydney Harbour Bridge)

Sydney Harbour Bridge, (Image via Shutterstock)

How does it feel to climb up the tallest, widest and longest steel arch bridge in the world? If you are not too acrophobic, the bridge climb is a must-do activity in Sydney. Perhaps it even deserves a spot on your life bucket list! You’ll scale up to 130 meters above ground and be rewarded with the breathtaking aerial view of the city—Sydney Opera House, Circular Bay, and even the Blue Mountains within reach of your sight.

Best of all, you can choose to climb the bridge at dawn, day, twilight or night. Gaze in the wonder of the vast cityscape  right beneath you, twinkling in different lights!

(Have fear of heights? Worry not, the BridgeClimb initiated “Face your Fear” campaign, which provides professionals to help you complete the climb. Check out their website for info!)

Second Stop: The Rocks Market (Weekends Only)

The Rocks Market, (Image via Shutterstock)

After the bridge climb, you’ll find yourself at the Rocks, a historical district where architectures and roads of the 18th to the early 20th century still remain. The block full of history and heritage comes to life every weekend with famous the Rocks Market!

While you linger around the rough cobblestone lanes and warehouses, you can explore the stalls of gifted makers presenting their fascinating artisanal crafts! Skim through the dazzling array of handcrafts, hunt for one-of-a-kind treasure and grab some delicious street food to keep you going.  

    • Address: George Street, The Rocks New South Wales 2000 (Google Maps)
    • Opening Time: Every Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 4pm
    • Official Website

Third Stop: Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House, (Image via Shutterstock)

Need we explain why you can’t miss the most iconic landmark of Sydney, or even, Australia? Sydney Opera House was the youngest culture site to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and it has been long praised as the masterpiece for human creativity and innovation!

Admire the groundbreaking shell-shaped architecture when you pass by, or see an eye-opening show in the hall to get the most of it. To get a close-up look of the history and story of Sydney Opera House, book a tour from their website. We promise you will not regret this!

    • Address:  Macquarie St, Sydney New South Wales 2000 (Google Maps)
    • Opening Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm (Except Christmas)
    • Official Website

Fourth Stop: Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden, (Image via Shutterstock)

A lush green natural paradise stretching across the Sydney harbour with the backdrop of towering modern skyscrapers, Royal Botanic Garden is another award-winning attraction that you must  visit! Formerly the first farm ever built by European settlers in Australia, it turned into one of the most important botanical institutes in the world.

Visit the gardens of different regions and climates on earth; name some exotic, bizarre plants and flowers that show off their unique beauty before you. Since it’s close to all the landmarks in the city, it’s also the best spot to take photos of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge!

On top of that, Royal Botanic Garden is also the best place to see fireworks during New Year’s Eve, but mind the crowds and arrive as early as possible!

Day 3: Blue Mountains National Park

The Goal of the Day: Be amazed by Australia’s natural treasure

First Stop: Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park, (Image via Shutterstock)

Escape from the urban hustle, drink in the fresh air, magnificent nature and terrains in Blue Mountains National Park. Rather than “mountains”, it is actually a giant lifted plateau at the west of Sydney, which made it to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000.

The name “Blue Mountains” originates from the blue mist that rises from eucalyptus trees, tinting the mountain region in blue. You’ll soak in the beauty of this park, as the astonishing deep gorges, high rocks, cliffs and waterfalls take your breath away. You may self-drive or take a one day tour to visit the renowned sites including The Three Sisters, Echo point and Katoomba Falls.


Day 4: Bondi Beach → Bondi Icebergs Club Pool → (Bondi Market) → Darling Harbour+Sydney Tower & Skywalk

The Goal of the Day: Lazing around on the beach!

First Stop: Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, (Image via Shutterstock)

To scratch your seaside itch, head to the most famous beach town, Bondi Beach, to catch some sun and awesome waves! As the Sydneysiders’ hot spot for summer getaway, it is well known for its golden soft sands, captivating ocean views, and all kind of activities to do! You can soak up a whole lotta sunshine, surf, play beach volley, and of course, swim in the clear blue ocean.

Beside the beach, you’ll find a wide array of restaurants, cafes and bars dotted around. Keep an eye on the people around you, as there’s a big chance you might see local celebrities chilling around too!

If waves are too big for a pleasant swim, why not visit the Bondi Icebergs Club to dive in the most iconic swimming pool with the sweeping sea view?

Second Stop: Bondi Markets (Weekends Only)

Explore the Bondi Markets if you decide to visit Bondi Beach on the weekend! The farmer’s market on Saturday gathers lively food vendors, selling their fruit and vegetables fresh to the season, artisanal bread, homemade jams and many more. While on Sunday, you can find intriguing handcrafts, vintage goods and quirky knick-knacks, making it extra hard not to whip out your wallet!

  • Address: Bondi Beach Public School, Bondi Beach NSW 2026 (Google Maps)
  • Opening Time: Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm, Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm

Third Stop: Darling Harbour+Sydney Tower & Skywalk

Darling Harbour, (Image via Shutterstock)

After a relaxing day at the beach, ready for a taste of Sydney’s vibrant nightlife? Come to Darling Harbour, located at the heart of Sydney, for some exciting attractions to make up a perfect evening!  

At the harbour area, try out some of the finest dining options, have a blast in the bars and nightclubs, shopping mall, or watch movies with the largest IMAX screen in the whole southern hemisphere! Other attractions here, to name a few, include Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Zoo and Madame Tussauds.

Bustling nightlife aside, the tallest building in Sydney, Sydney Tower, is also worth a visit. Towering 268 meters above the ground, it grants you a 360-degree panoramic view of Sydney. If it’s not enough for you, try the Skywalk at the Sydney Tower Eye, and step out in the open air to enjoy the unparalleled view of the city skyline from the highest point of Sydney!

P.S. Latest Update: The Skywalk is currently closed until further notice. Check the latest info on their website.

Sydney Tower Information

Day 5: Taronga Zoo → Sydney Airport → Home

The Goal of the Day: Close encounter with animals in Australia

First Stop:  Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo, (Image via Shutterstock)

It is definitely unacceptable to end your trip without seeing any of Australia’s native animal! Thanks to Taronga Zoo, you are able to meet animals from over 350 species, including animal stars like red kangaroos, cuddly koalas, tree-kangaroos, endemic birds, and many more! Observe and learn all about  the bizarre Australia wildlife here to cap off your adventure in Sydney.

  • Address: Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088 (Google Maps)
  • Opening Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm
  • Price: Adult $42.30, Child (ages 4-15) $24.30, Concession $33.3
  • Sydney Taronga Zoo Ticket 

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