Sydney’s Must-Try Food for All Types of Travelers

Not sure where to start with Sydney’s crazy food scene? Because Sydney is a growing collection of world-famous cult dishes, it can be overwhelming when deciding which ones to try. But From budget-friendly to impossibly-looking vegetarian food to staples, we are here to guide you to the best outlet restaurants around Sydney that you can possibly find!

Here’s Our Top Picks for Sydney Food You Must Try:

For Budget Travelers:

1. Chicken banh mi at KK Bakery, John Street

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Make your way to a hole-in-a-wall type of shop located at John Street, Cabramatta to grab your hands on the best chicken banh mi (sandwich) in town! These are beautifully made chicken sandwiches with dashes of spice and herbs.

But what really makes these rolls the best in town? The bakery slowly roasts and shreds the meat to perfection, stuffing in an ample amount of yummy pate, mayo, and huge pieces of pickled daikin. Bon appetit!

  • Location: Shop 2, 85 John Street, Cabramatta
  • Starting Price: AU$3.50  

2. Kebabs at New Star, Auburn

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

You’ll know you’re in Auburn when you smell the scent of baked Turkish kebabs all over restaurants. The best of the best, however, is located at New Star Kebab with a huge selection of juicy lamb, chicken, and kofte kebabs along with freshly baked bread and pickled vegetables for side dishes.

For a fan favorite 17 dollar “Halal snack pack”, pick one from the tender kebab meat choices with fresh tomatoes and fried bread served in a Iskender plate. Go overboard by adding a pile of chips with cheese for that extra flavor!

  • Location: 15 Auburn Road, Auburn
  • Starting Price: AU$8

3. Charcoal Barbeque Chicken at El Jannah, Granville

(Image via Flickr)

After arriving from Granville station, west Sydney, trace the nearby aroma of charcoal-grilled chicken. Barbeque chicken is normally dried and frustratingly too oily to eat on the spot, but El Jannah’s meat is baked dry with a crisp, burned edges for an extra smoky taste.

Spend only 6 AUD for a half chicken that will keep couples or a foodie full. Add 4 AUD to satisfy your whole family.

  • Starting price: AU$6
  • Location: 4/6 South St, Granville NSW 2142, Australia

“Do It For The ‘Gram” Foodie Types:

1. Spanner Crab at Bennelong Bar

(Image via Flickr)

We can already tell that you’re going to have a hard time choosing which dish to ‘IG’ because they are ALL so photogenic!

Along with Bennelong’s extraordinary gloomy architecture and ambiance, you must simply try the Fraser Island Spanner crab made from soft polenta and exotic palm heart to satisfy your seafood lovin’ heart.

  • Pro-tip: Come at sundown so you can watch spectacular harbour views
  • Location: Bennelong Point | Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia

2. Goat cheese Frittata at Jonah’s Beach Restaurant

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Think of your best and wittiest beach caption, because Jonah’s Beach Restaurant is not only known for their alluring food, but also as the best Instagram-worthy place to chill.

Whether you choose the table right beside the ocean or on the windy rooftop, we recommend taking photos (before you eat it, of course!) of the fabulous Goat cheese Frittata tomatillo which is made from chutney, kurobuta ham, and parmigiano.

  • Location: 69 Bynya Rd, Whale Beach, Pittwater, New South Wales 2108, Australia

For Vegan Eaters:

1. Eggplants at Yellow

(Image via Flickr)

On the lookout for a plant-based restaurant with some fine-dining setting? Yellow is your best bet! While they still have dairy and eggs on some dishes, they mostly cater to some Vegan-free meals such as buttermilk pumpkin miso butter, asparagus with beetroot spice, and coconut toasted almonds.

And before you say you hate eggplants, try Yellow’s most famous dish, the eggplant trout fish with baby corn. Take a bite into this excellent and meal to understand why some vegans go vegan.

  • Location: 57 Macleay St, Sydney, New South Wales 2011, Australia

2. Vegan burgers at Soul Burger Glebe

(Image via Flickr)

Even the most faithful vegans occasionally crave for junk. But rather than pushing your cravings away until you give up, satisfy ‘em at Soul Burger. Known for being one of the best burger places in Sydney, the food here is too good that you won’t even realize that it’s purely vegan!

Chew on the highly recommended Triple Tiered ‘Sumo burger that is completely plant based. As you eat, watch how even the meat-lovers get swoon over the vegetarian beef stuffed with fluffy sausages and light buns.

  • Pro tip: The burgers are even more tastier if you ask for dairy-free cheese, field mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, and egg-free mayonnaise!
  • Location: 49 Perouse Rd, Randwick, New South Wales 2031, Australia

Australian Staples:

1. Tim Tams

(Image via Flickr)

We know that you’ve tried Tim Tams before, but honestly, no country can make them better than the Land Down Under. Hear the soft crunch as you take a bite of Australian-made malted biscuit that is filled with loads of chocolate cream and coated in another layer of thinly textured chocolate. Talk about chocolatey-goodness!

  • Warning: Once you take a one, you can never stop!

2. Golden GayTime

(Image via Flickr)

Yes, you read the name correctly but it might not be exactly what you think. Golden GayTime is a vanilla ice cream wrapped with a layer of toffee ice cream, dipped in chocolate then sprinkled with biscuit crumbs. This tasteful snack was a fan favorite during the sixties with the only rule being that you can’t have a Golden Gaytime on your own. So next time you want to cool off, have some Golden GayTime with your mate!


Let Sydney be your oyster of opportunities as you discover the city by their food. With our list of  iconic snacks to the deliciously cheap meals, no one can stop you from having a satisfied heart and tummy.

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