Travel Sydney Easy-Peasy by Downloading These Free Apps

Whether you’ve come to relax on the white sand or explore the bright lights of the big city, these are 9 must-download apps that will guide your way to Australia. Let your smartphone guide you as you check various food choices, thrifty bookings, and easier and faster routes.


1. Beachsafe

It is almost impossible to plan an Aussie trip without discovering famous beaches around the country. To properly plan your Sydney itinerary, download Beachsafe to unlock real-time and complete information on beaches and their weather, current tides, possible hazards, and more.

Download: Apple | Android

2. Uber

Although depending on service charge which increases and decreases per demand, Uber is just as affordable —if not more wallet-friendly— than your usual street taxi.

What makes booking with Uber special is how users can schedule cars within moments or in advance. Not to mention, it links bank cards so cash is never an issue, plus increased safety by having the driver’s details displayed on screen.

Download: Apple | Android


Download once, and use it everywhere you go without ever worrying about Wi-Fi-connection! From finding local post offices, motels, or lush spas, this offline app points out millions of interesting sights, amenities and services to help you pass through Sydney’s mazes.

Download: Apple | Android

4. Moovit

We like to Moovit,Moovit it! If you’re the type to move around the city while finding the cheapest mode of transportation you can find, hop on to Australia’s highly distinguishable train system.

To kick it up a notch, download Moovit and get your accurate time of arrival and the most efficient routes for your destination. This app is so accurate that their handy feature allows you to get lost with a good book or a movie during your commute thanks to its instant alerts or alarms as you approach upcoming stops.

Download: Apple | Android


1. UberEATS

If Uber itself wasn’t enough to get you busy, install UberEATS. Through a user-friendly app, find endless food delivery options by cuisines or dishes that can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Download: Apple | Android

2. Zomato

For days where you’d rather explore dine-in restaurants than quick food deliveries, Zomato is the right app for you. This app rates each restaurant based on honest reviews, photos, and comments with specially made lists such as live music venues, date night spots, or Korean food cravings. Anyone getting hungry over there?

Download: Apple | Android

3. KKday

If you’re looking for tours and activities to fill in your itinerary, be sure to download the KKday app. Whether you’re booking months ahead, or last-minute from the airport, you’re sure to find exciting things to do.

Take advantage of the essential Australia Optus Unlimited 3G SIM Card, or view Sydney in a whole new perspective checking out Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, or learn to surf the deep and blue waves by booking a Bondi Beach Beginners Surf Lesson.

Download: Apple | Android

4. Airbnb

Sydney’s hotels can be quite expensive if you plan on doing much activities. To help save your wallet from draining, book an Airbnb! Never minimize your travel experiences again as you download this app to check the cheapest places to stay with the most accommodating and greatest value.

Download: Apple | Android


1. XE Currency

It might suck sometimes, but it’s always wise to know how much you’re spending from your local money. The XE Currency app is a pretty light tool because once you set in your desired currency, there won’t be any more changes when entering new numbers each day.

Download: Apple | Android

Never miss a bus, train, or a ferry ever again! Download these free apps to make your travel experience a cakewalk! Got any app for Sydney you want us to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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