6 Festive and Traditional Christmas Drinks Around the World

It’s almost that time of the year. The season of hope and brightness lights up the Christmas trees in every household and corner of the street, making up for the chill in the air. As we all know, this beloved holiday has an abundance of traditions around the world, even for beverages alone! What could be better than holding a mulled wine that warms up your fingertips, your stomach, and your heart?


Here we introduce you 6 Christmas drinks from around of the world. They range from those you  already know to those you’ve never heard of, including one that cures heartbreaks! Curious? Read on below to find out!


1. Eggnog- North America

Eggnog, (Image via Shutterstock)

This is one of the drinks that people either love or loathe. Whether you like it or not, eggnog is, unarguably, deeply embedded in the Christmas tradition in North America. It has originated from medieval Britain before becoming a classic holiday drink in the United States and Canada by the 19th century.

Eggnog is usually made with milk, sugar, whipped egg white, raw egg yolk, giving it a creamy and thick texture. People like to sprinkle spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla beans on top of it. People also add Rum and Whiskey for spiked eggnog. Why is it suitable for Christmas? Well, it ticks all the boxes of guilty pleasure – fat, sugar, and alcohol!


2. Mulled Rakija- The Balkans

Rakija, (Image via Shutterstock)

If you’re looking for a strong drink to fuel your holiday spirit, this is the one! Rakija, or Rakia, is a kind of fruity brandy widely spread among the Balkan countries. It is commonly made of plums and apricots. If you happen to know any local from those countries, it is highly possible that they will offer you a shot of this intoxicating drink as a welcome gift.

Since Rakija is considered as the magical elixir and is used in a variety of rituals, how could it be left out for Christmas? During the festive season, people made mulled Rakija— adding sugar while boiling it. According to locals, it cures the cold, flu, and even heartbreaks!


3. Feuerzangenbowle- Germany

Feuerzangenbowle, (Image via Pixabay)

Before you finally ace the pronunciation of it (it might take some time), taste this flaming alcoholic drink to brighten up your Christmas! Called “fire-tongs punch” in English, it’s basically mulled red wine with a rum-soaked sugarloaf set on fire and placed above. This allows the caramelized sugar and rum to drip into the beverage. What a wonderful Christmas treat!

Also, unlike other Christmas drinks, Feuerzangenbowle is prepared in a fondue-set.

It has earned its fame with the release of its namesake comedy movie in 1944. Ever since then, it’s become a custom for family and friends in Germany to watch the movie and share the drink together during Christmas.


4. Cola de Mono- Chile

Cola de Mono, (Image via Shutterstock)

Imagine yourself at Santiago, the capital of Chile, in December. Do you picture yourself in a heavy coat? Well, you shouldn’t!It’s actually almost the hottest month of the year. However, don’t be rattled by the sweltering weather, there’s a Christmas drink that’ll still perk up your spirit— Cola de mono!  

The name literally means, “Monkey’s tail”, and it tastes like White Russian or Eggnog served cold. It’s made with Colombian brandy Aguardiente (an anise-flavored liqueur), milk, sugar, coffee, and cloves.


5. Ponche Navideño- Mexico

Ponche Navideño, (Image via Shutterstock)

Moving a bit up north from Chile to Central America, we can spot locals perfume their houses with the fruity scent of Ponche Navideño (Christmas Punch) in this time of the year.

Ponche Navideño is a kind of boiled fruit salad. Mexicans add oranges, pears, prunes, raisins, tejocotes and a splash of rum for additional flavor. Families usually keep one pot warm on the stove for the guests. The heavenly smell is to die for!


6. Glögg- Finland

Mulled Wine, (Image via Fotolia)

Back to the hometown of Santa Claus, Finlanders warm up the freezing temperature  with Christmas markets, decorative street lights and hot beverages— namely, Glögg. Mulled red wine is a typical Christmas drink in central and northern parts of Europe, and each country or region has its own variation.

This tasty drink is the symbol of the Christmas spirit in Finland. You can see it in every Christmas market, bar, or kiosk! They make the non-alcoholic Glögg with blackcurrant juice heated with spices like cinnamon and vanilla, and serve it with raisins and almond flakes. Meanwhile, its alcoholic version— you guessed it right— is made with red wine or rum.


If you happen to plan a visit to these countries during Christmas, don’t pass the chance to lighten up your mood with these spiced beverages! Or even if you cannot physically be there, get a taste of Christmas by making these drinks with your friends and family. After all, traveling the world with your taste buds is always a delight.


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