11 Clever Apps to Uncover Paris like a True Local

Paris is an utterly captivating city – you can find fresh baked bread right from any corner and spot a handful of tourist attractions at any street while uncovering hidden secrets from museums all in a day.

From filling out your itinerary to clever apps, these are sure to help you enjoy your journey down to the City of Love.



Hopping to different sights of Paris can be confusing and expensive to a outsider – but it doesn’t have to be that way! From riding a train, bus, or bike, get the most effective and cheapest mode of transportation available, while going to dream destinations on time using Citymapper.

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Paris’ transportation system is pretty good and easy-going, but if you’re looking for some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the public trains (or if you want to avoid long metro lines), then we can all agree that Uber’s handy feature of having a car at the snap of your fingers is a great option.

Bonus: You probably have this app installed from your phone already.

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Culture Trip

It’s easy to explore the city like a tourist – falling in love with the Eiffel Tower, reliving your childhood at Disneyland, and eating your way at Le Gabriel for some fine dining food with your love one. But the hardest part? Experiencing places like a true local.

With the Culture Trip app, uncover hidden gems, including restaurants, historical museums, and unlock unique travel experiences  in the City of Lights.

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Make your nightlife more memorable and stress-free with Heetch. Only available between the hours of 8pm and 6am, this app has the same concept as Uber but is solely for late-night travelers.Install this app to avoid late-night surcharge and long bus rides on the way back to your hotel.

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Clever bookings and itineraries


In a city as notoriously expensive as Paris, this app is perfect for anyone seeking a cheap night out. Allowing you to select the maximum price you’re willing to spend, MisterGoodBeer tracks down nearest happy hours and the most budget-friendly pints around you. Cheers to being frugal!

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The Fork

Not sure which restaurants are worth your money? Download The Fork to book a table at any restaurant while getting honest reviews, list of popular menu options, and choices for your cravings.

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If you’re looking for tours and activities to fill in your itinerary, be sure to download the KKday app. Whether you’re booking months ahead, or last-minute from the airport, you’re sure to find exciting things to do. Savor fabulous wine and cheese testing, or surprise your partner on a romantic cruise.

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Hotels getting too expensive for you? The solution is not to lessen your budget or visiting days, but to book an Airbnb! Never minimize your travel experiences again when you can get the cheapest places to stay with the most accommodating and greatest value.!

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Yandex Translate

For emergencies where you’re struggling to make sense of restaurant menus, shopping items, or simple greetings, Yandex is the perfect guide. Make yourself understood with this convenient and user-friendly app that functions offline and translates images, sound recordings, and typed-in words. Je vous en prie!

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If you don’t memorize conversion formulas, you’re probably going to run into some confusion on your trip. Download Unit to translate over 800 conversions to the one you understand – from Farenheit to Celcius, from miles to kilometers, and from inches to centimeters. This will also make you easier to understand when conversing with locals!

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XE Currency

It might suck sometimes, but it’s always wise to know how much you’re spending from your local money. The XE Currencye app is a pretty light tool because once you set in your desired currency, there won’t be any more changes when entering new numbers each day.

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Let your smartphone be your ultimate (and free!) travel guide as you enjoy sightseeing with that special someone or with your friends! Tell us which app you’re downloading for for sure!