Travel Gift Ideas Under $10 for Your Loved Ones This Christmas

The season of joy and gift-giving is fast approaching! It’s time to switch up from the obvious last-minute gift cards to the most affordable (and adorable!) gifts you can find around the world. Here’s our top ten list of cute travel gifts for all the members of your squad.

The Well-Traveled Friend

1. Digital Luggage Scale

(image via Wikkimedia Commons)
(image via Wikkimedia Commons)

Got a friend who loves to travel but spends a lot of time worrying about their possibly overweight luggage? Help them out by giving this portable device to effortlessly weigh their luggage before going to the airport.

  • Average cost: US$ 3.69 or PHP 150
  • Location: All CDR King branches, Philippines

2. World Spinout Notebook

(Image via
(image via

Who wouldn’t want their own personal place for funny thoughts, doodles, and secret schemes while waiting for the plane to depart? This cool notebook comes in a decorative world map cover with 120 lined pages, internal pockets, and elastic fastener.

  • Average cost: US$ 6.99
  • Location: Typo, Worldwide

3. Muji Earplugs

(Image via Muji)
(image via Muji)

No one likes the blocked feeling they get in their ears when taking off from an airplane. Spare your friend from clogged ears – give ’em Muji’s Earplugs, which boasts a special  pressure-blocking tool!

  • Average cost: ¥516.07
  • Location: Muji, Japan

4. KKday Voucher

Travel experiences are the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ – they’re priceless and unforgettable. With KKday, you can gift them a simple SIM card or Wi-Fi to stay in touch while they’re out there exploring the world. Or go beyond expectations with a cool day tour or passes to their fave theme park to show them how well you really know them. Aww.

For The ‘Beauty Queen’ Friend

1. Japanese Cosmetics

(Image via: Pixabay)
(image via: Pixabay)

Found at any drugstore in Japan, these cosmetics are not only affordable, but are also the same quality as the branded products you find back at home. Get lost as you shop for your friends (and maybe for yourself, as well) and discover magical mascaras, transfer-proof lipsticks, and ever-lasting eyebrow tattoos. Check out our top 10 list of Japan beauty products!

  • Average cost: US$9
  • Location: Japan

2. Facial Masks

(Image via eBay)
(Image via eBay)

Not a beauty product fan? You will be once you receive tons of samples! While exploring cities like Seoul, Myeongdong, or Daegu, grab the opportunity to visit skincare shops like Tony Moly, Too Cool for School, Laneige – most of them offer freebies to complement all skin types.

  • Average cost: Free
  • Location: Seoul, Myeongdong, or Daegu

3. Body Cream

(Image via pxhere)
(Image via pxhere)

People tend to forget that the skin on your body deserves just as much care as your face. From brightening and refining your complexion to overall moisturization, Korea’s various selection of body creams will leave your giftee feeling thankful (and beautiful). *finger hearts*

  • Average cost: US$6 or ₩7761.40
  • Location: Korea

That Friend with a Sweet Tooth

1. Uniquely Flavored Kit Kats

(Image via Flickr
(Image via Flickr)

Japanese Kit Kats are a way to shock someone’s taste buds. Anyone up for a green tea Kit Kat? Or how about cheesecake, apple vinegar, or rum and raisin? Give your friends a break with these popular treats that make inexpensive yet wonderful gifts.

  • Average cost: ¥785.32
  • Location: all convenience stores in Japan

2. Dried Mangoes

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)
(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Don’t underestimate these simple-looking dried mangos – they are one of the most addictive snacks in the Philippines. Literally found almost in all supermarkets, these fruit-flavored snacks are directly sourced from farms and put into bag-sized packages. The best part? They are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin A and B!

  • Average cost: PHP210
  • Location: 7 -Eleven stores in the Philippines

3. Taiwan Bubble Tea Bags

Savor every sip of creamy 3:15PM milk tea from Taiwan!
Savor every sip of creamy 3:15PM milk tea from Taiwan!

If you can’t bring your friend to the home of bubble tea, then bring back a piece of Taiwan to them! Try 3:15PM, a high quality instant milk tea brand that blends the sweet taste of cream, black tea, and oolong tea.

  • Average cost: US$5 or NT$154.04 or PHP269
  • Location: available in Taipei convenience stores and Robinson’s Market in the Philippines

We’ve given you a list of travel gift ideas for your squad, but how about you? Share what you’d love to receive in your Christmas stocking! May all your travel wishes come true this holiday season with KKday.