7 Best Travel Apps You’ll Want to Download for Taipei, Taiwan

Travel like a pro in Taipei, Taiwan’s vibrant capital! All you need is your handy smartphone to download these top Taipei apps and make the trip a breeze. Best of all, these Taiwan apps are free for both Apple and Android!


Google Maps

Where would we all be without good ol’ Google Maps? Probably lost! This app boasts panoramic street view images, thanks to satellite imagery. Get all the walking, train, bus, and cycling routes plus travel time. Just turn on location, input the addresses, follow the blue line, and you’ll get there…eventually.

Download: Apple | Android


This world-famous ride-sharing app allows you the ease of traveling by car without the exorbitant taxi rates. With Uber, you can calculate your rates and have them charged by credit card. No need to fumble for change or struggling to haggle down the fare in Mandarin with the driver.

Download: Apple | Android

GO! Taipei Metro

Taipei’s Metro Rail Transit, or Taipei Metro, is so well-developed and intuitive for travelers, honestly, anyone can get by without the app. There are signs of stops everywhere with English translations. However, if you want to go the extra mile (heh) in scheduling your adventure, this app has got a Journey Planner, along with updated train schedules, travel times, and prices!

Download: Apple | Android

Booking and Itineraries

Tour Taiwan

Developed by the local gov’t, Tour Taiwan is an all-in-one travel app available in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Use it to find specific info in Taiwan, from best accommodations and restaurants to particular spots such as travelers’ service centers, police stations, and hospitals. Pro-tip: Use it to brush up on popular tourist destinations, news, and local festivities!

Download: Apple | Android


Book more than 10,000 unique activities and travel experiences with the KKday app. It’s easy to do so in the comfort of your own home. Keep an eye out for cool promos like skip-the-line tickets, unique day tours, and enjoy exclusive discounts.

Download: Apple | Android



Stay connected on-the-go in Taipei by using LINE, the uber-popular messaging app that first gained traction in Japan – it’s so famous that it even boasts its own cafe in Taipei 101! It works just like WhatsApp and Telegram, but doesn’t require a phone number to register.

The app also works on your laptop and tablet! Send cute stickers to your friends and easily message your tour drivers, Airbnb host, and friendly locals.

Download: Apple | Android


Pleco is a nifty Chinese-English dictionary app which has both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. For Taipei purposes, it’ll help you translate Taiwanese Mandarin (Pinyin). Just type in the English word and the results will give you both the written word and Taiwanese pronunciation.

Pleco has an additional Optical Character Recognizer (for a fee) that can capture characters on camera and translate the text instantly!

Download: Apple | Android

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