Beginner’s Guide to Rail Bike in South Korea

Break away from the typical walking tour and discover South Korea by rail bike, a modern sightseeing activity that uses bikes and railroads to explore natural landscapes. Pedal your way through top sites, including Nami Island and Petite France, Gyeongbuk, and Busan. Join Seoul’s growing bike enthusiasts while you travel through gorgeous forest, river, and mountain scenery.

Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Bike: Busan
Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Bike: Busan

What Is It and What To Expect

A rail bike is a  2, 3 or 4-seater cycle with attachments on the wheels, especially designed to let it travel along unused railroads. Sometimes, rail bikes will have a roof to protect travelers from rain. There’s no need for helmets or other equipment, although some tours allow you to add VR goggles to enhance your rail bike experience. Aside from burning calories while you pedal, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views in the midst of mountains, rivers, and hills.

Pro-Tip: Best Seasons To Visit

This activity is usually available all year-round; expect cherry blossoms in spring, clear blue skies in the summer, vivid leaves during fall, and a winter wonderland during ‘ber’ months. A great time to visit would be during spring (April to June) or autumn (September to November) seasons. Fill your surroundings with a kaleidoscope of colors and take advantage of milder temperatures.

Where Can You Rail Bike

Gangchon Rail Bike: Seoul
Gangchon Rail Bike: Seoul

1. Gangchon Rail Bike Experience, Seoul

Pedal along old train tracks and marvel at the view of Bukhangang River below. Ride along the historic route used by the Mugunghwa train and breeze past mountain scenery. Begin your eight-kilometer journey at Gimyujeong Station. Pass through tunnels filled with brilliant lights, bubbles, and music. You may opt to enhance your experience with VR goggles, and ‘shoot’ monsters inside the tunnel, along with sparkling effects!

After around an hour, you’ll be back at Gangchon Station. You can ride the free shuttle, which will bring you back the starting point. Add this activity to your Seoul itinerary.

How To Get There

From Yongsan Station or Cheongnyangni Station in Seoul, ride the ITX Cheongchun Line to Namchuncheon and change to the subway back to Gimyujeong Station. Walk for 5 minutes to Gangchon Rail Park.

Gangchon Rail Bike, Nami Island: Seoul
Gangchon Rail Bike, Nami Island: Seoul

Pro-Tip: Combine the Gangchon Rail Bike with Nami Island and Petite France

No Seoul trip is complete without Nami Island and Petite France. Go ahead and include them in a day tour with the Gangchon Rail Bike Experience. Meander through the picturesque tree-lined roads of the iconic Nami Island. Gaze upon lush greenery and wild flowers against the backdrop of the blue sky. Meet wildlife such as rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, and peacocks. Fall in love with the charms of Petite France, the lovely French-style village. Browse quaint museums, workshops, restaurants, and cafes featured in hit Korean series like ‘Running Man.’

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Mungyeong Rail Bike: North Gyeongsang Province
Flickr/ waegook 051 under CC

2. Mungyeong Rail Bike, North Gyeongsang Province

Escape the hustle and bustle of Seoul to the North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea’s eastern province. Try the Mungyeong Rail Bike, the first rail bike recreational facility in the country. It runs over 20-year-old coal train tracks. Admire the pastoral landscape of Jinnam Gyoban mountain. Surround yourself in greenery as far as the eye can see. Cruise through deep valleys, pass the historic coal mining village, and take in the fresh breeze. It might take you around an hour or so depending on your pedaling speed. 

How To Get There

You can travel from from Seoul to Mungyeong using the Ko Bus. It will cost around US$17.00 – 23.00 with a duration of 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Bike: Busan
Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Bike: Busan

3. Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Bike, Busan

For travelers in Busan, hop on the Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Bike. Enjoy the short but sweet, three-kilometer journey along the scenic Nakdonggang River. Pass by a rustic bridge and wine cave where you can sample ‘bokbunja-ju’, a sweet wine made from wild raspberries. Bring home a bottle or two as a unique souvenir.

Pro-Tip: Combine the Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Bike with Busan City

If you join the Busan Day Tour, you can delight in spectacular coastal views at Songdo Skywalk, or stroll the colorful homes at the foothills Gamcheon Culture Village.  Head over here to try this activity.

How To Get There

You can travel from from Seoul Station to Busan Station using the KTX. It will cost around US$60.00 – 130.00 with a duration of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

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