Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Everland Theme Park Guide

Everland is Korea’s biggest theme park, and a definite must-see on your next trip. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know, from the operating hours, best ticket deals, the must-try rides (apart from the T-Express!), and all sorts of insider tips!

Everland Park Information:

Basic Details

  • Operating Hours: Daily, from 10:00am to 10:00pm
  • Address: 199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Official Website:

Ticket Prices:

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Book your tickets online with KKday to get the best deals.

Ticket prices can vary greatly, depending on how and where you buy them. Your best bet is to purchase your tickets online with KKday for a discounted prince.

Online Resellers (Discounted Price)

  • One-day Ticket for Adults and Children: KRW 37,647 (or US$ 35.00)
  • You can book your discounted ticket ahead over here with KKday, and skip the long lines at the park entrance.

From Everland Theme Park (Regular Price)

  • One-day Ticket for Adults: KRW 54,000 (or US$ 50.20)
  • One-day Ticket for Children: KRW 43,000 (or US$ 40.00)
  • You can either buy your theme park tickets at the park entrance, or through the Everland website.

Special Passes: Q Pass

  • This add-on ticket to your park entrance ticket lets you skip the lines to the park’s top 5 rides and attractions.

Park Attractions

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Everland Theme Park Map

Everland is divided into 5 theme park zones, each with their own signature rides and attractions.

Global Fair: Shops and Restaurants

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Everland: Global Fair Zone

Global Fair is the first section you encounter. With its fairy tale-esque shops and restaurants built in various architectural styles, it’s full of great photo opportunities (be sure to pose by the Giant Magic Tree!)

Global Fair is mostly shops and restaurants, so most park-goers save this section for last. Still, Global Fair is home to Everland’s virtual reality rides and attractions which are worth checking out.

Must-Ride: VR Adventure, where park-goers are strapped to a 4D chair with a Samsung Gear VR headset, and experience the thrills of Everland’s most extreme rides.

Average waiting time: 5-10 minutes

American Adventure: Adrenaline Rush

Get your adrenaline running at American Adventure, featuring  Everland’s most extreme and thrilling rides. If you’re pressed for time, skip Global Fair and head straight here. You can save even more time with your Everland Q-Pass, which lets you advance to the front of the line. Here are some of the rides definitely worth checking out:

Must-Rides: Hurricane Adventure

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Everland Rides and Attractions: Hurricane Adventure

Get a taste of being caught in the middle of a storm! Hurricane Adventure will send you swinging and spinning up to 19 meters off the ground!  

  • Average waiting time: 30 minutes

Must-Ride: Columbus Adventure

Everland Rides and Attractions: Columbus Adventure (Flickr/Craig Nagy used under CC 2.0)

It’s anchors away at this classic pendulum ride. Board this swinging ship, and rock back and forth as high as 33 meters off the ground! For maximum thrills, sit at the edge where you’ll find yourself almost vertical.

Zootopia: Animals Galore

Check out cuddly animals and exotic wildlife at  Everland’s Zootopia. Zootopia features petting zoos,  animal shows such as Toto and the Seal Island. You can even book a private guided tour with a professional animal trainer.

Must-Experience: Safari World

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Everland Rides and Attractions: Safari World

Take a private jeep with a professional animal trainer, and get up close and personal with the Safari’s wildest creatures. See lions, tigers, and bears in person. You can book this experience online with KKday.

Must-Experience: Panda World.

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Everland Rides and Attractions: Panda World

You won’t find these adorable creatures anywhere else in Korea. Join this interactive and educational experience where you get to meet the pandas and learn all about them!

Magic Land: Kid-friendly Thrills

If you’ve got the family in tow, you may want to skip the extreme rides of American Adventure. But that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the fun. Magic Land is bright and colorful, with rides and attractions that will take you back to all your favorite fairy tales.

Must-Ride: Magic Swing

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Everland Rides and Attractions: Magic Swing

This is a smaller, tamer version of the Columbus Adventure, designed to feel like a ride on the Magician’s Tarot Card.

European Adventure: Scenic Gardens

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Everland: European Adventure

Enjoy a taste of Europe in South Korea at European Adventure Zone. Discover the  Dutch inspired architecture and vibrant , manicured gardens. And just like ye olden days, you can watch Everland’s seasonal shows and musicals, and staged right here. Check out the daily schedule over here.

The European Adventure Zone boasts  Everland’s star attraction, the T-Express roller coaster.

Must-Ride: T-Express

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Everland Rides and Attractions: T-Express

It’s the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster that has park-goers dropping from a 77 degree angle at a whopping speed of 104 km/hour! It’s a can’t-miss for adrenaline junkies. As Everland’s most popular ride, it also has one of the longest lines.

Average waiting time: can last up to 200 minutes! 

Everland Skyway and Sky Cruise (Cable Car Experience)

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Everland Rides and Attractions: Cable Car

Rest those tired legs and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire Everland Theme Park when you take one of the park’s cable cars. They function as both in-park transportation zones, and a ride on their own!

Everland Caribbean Bay

Image via Wikipedia

If you’re looking to cool off, then make a splash at Everland’s massive water park, the Caribbean Bay. This family favorite destination features numerous indoor and outdoor pools, water slides, spas and saunas.

Must-Experience: Mega Storm This is the park’s biggest water slide at 355 meters tall.  The slide takes visitors on twists, turns, and sudden drops before finally splashing into the pool below.

Entry Ticket: Everland Caribbean Bay requires a different entry ticket, which you can also book online with KKday at a discounted price.


Seasonal Shows

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Everland puts on a number of fun shows and themed performances throughout the year, whether it’s Christmas or Halloween. Park classics are the Panda Musical, a story about a brave panda saving the rainforest, and the Carnival Fantasy Parade, full of colorful floats and stunning acrobatics.

  • Showtime: Shows change daily, but you can see the schedule on the official website.

Night Parade and Fireworks

Image via Wikimeda Commons

A definite can’t- miss on your trip to Everland. Stick around for the Moonlight Parade where you’ll see spectacular LED floats and a stunning fireworks display.

  • Date and Time: Daily, at 8:30pm
  • Venue: Everland Parade Route, with Fireworks by the Four Seasons Garden

Food and Souvenirs

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
You can find the best souvenirs at the Grand Emporium

You can find lots of restaurants at the Global Fair Zone. But our insider tip is to go to Holland’s Village at the European Adventure Zone. Here you’ll find over 12 themed European style restaurants with lots of outdoor seats and music, so you can take in  the fresh air, music, and fireworks.

Travelers are permitted to bring outside food into the park so feel free to bring you favorite snacks from home. Pack lots of protein-rich foods to keep up your energy throughout the day!

Everland has over 21 different themed shops across the park, like the LINE friends store (see your favorite stickers come to life!) and the Pororo Shop. But if you just want a few cute souvenirs, save your shopping for last and just head to the Grand Emporium at the Global Fair. It’s the largest souvenir shop in the park, and sits right by the main exit.

How to Get There

Everland Theme Park Guide: Everything You Need to Know
The best way to get to Everland is by shuttle bus.

Everland lies just outside of Seoul, and is only directly accessible by bus.

Shuttle Bus from Seoul

This is the faster and more convenient way to Everland. Enjoy easy pick-up and drop-off at any of these 4 major subway stations in Seoul: Yeongdeungpo Station, Sindorim Station, Sinnonhyeon Station, or Gangnam Station. The shuttle bus will take you directly to Everland Theme Park without any additional stops. After a long day of rides and thrills, the shuttle bus is the most comfortable option.

  • Average Fare: KRW 9,930 to 12,140 (or US$ 9.29 to 11.36)
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Shuttle Bus Ticket: Reserve an Everland Shuttle Bus ticket online with KKday!

Regular Bus

You’ve got 2 bus options. You can take  Bus No. 5002 from Gangnam Station, or Bus No. 5700 from Gangbyeon Station. Both buses will make stops by the Everland Theme Park Entrance.

  • Average Fare: KRW 2,500 one-way (or US$ 2.34)
  • Duration: 90 to 120 minutes

Theme Park Tips:

  • Take note of peak periods and Korean holidays. Tickets are typically more expensive and the park is more crowded during these times. Peak periods are usually weekends, summer vacation (which happens mid-July to mid-August), and major Korean holidays.
  • Take advantage of perks and discounts. If you’ve got your special KKday T-Money card, you’re entitled to certain Everland freebies.
  • Bring your own snacks. Unlike other theme parks, Everland won’t confiscate small snacks. This is a great way to save money.
  • Dress comfortably. There are a lot of rides and attractions to conquer in Everland! Be sure to wear loose and comfortable clothes (and pack an extra shirt), good shoes, and a hat.
  • Stay connected! It’s easy to lose your friends or family in the crowd. Stay connected with either a pocket Wi-Fi device or a local SIM card for communication.

Prepare for a day of thrilling coasters, exciting attractions and exhilarating shows at Everland Theme Park with our complete guide to Korea’s biggest theme park!