Korea’s Daehakro-Festival 2018: 6 Musical Performances You Can’t Miss

Korea's Daehak-ro Festival 2018: Finding Mr. Destiny

Ever since the 2009 K-Pop craze, the world’s been paying attention to Korean entertainment. Which brings us to the Daehak-ro Performing Arts Festival, a month-long celebration of Korea’s most famous live performances!

The Daehak-ro Performing Arts Festival is named after the Daehak-ro area, the resident theater district in Seoul City, much like New York’s Broadway. The festival started back in 2017, drawing show-loving tourists and travelers with to catch Korea’s most popular plays, musicals, and non-verbal performances—many of which have been abroad! With so many shows to check out, here’s a quick look at KKday’s top picks!

Musicals (with subtitle services)

These well-loved musicals have been delighting locals for over 10 years! Catch them at this year’s festival and book your tickets ahead with KKday.

Love in the Rain Musical

Korea's Daehak-ro Festival 2018: Love in the Rain
Love in the Rain: The Musical

Since 1995, this Korean musical has been performed over 4,000 times. Love in the Rain follows the inspiring story of two brothers who reunite after seven  years.

Korea's Daehak-ro Festival 2018
Love in the Rain Musical

It’s a story about family and sacrifice, but it never leaves you teary for too long. With its hilarious dance numbers and quirky costumes, the show will take you on a wild, emotional ride.

Only You Musical

Korea's Daehak-ro Festival 2018: Only You Musical
Only You Musical

Here’s a musical for the old soul. “Only You,” is a musical drama about the highs and lows of married life.

Korea's Daehak-ro Festival 2018: Only You
Only You Musical

Join the marital journey of this lovable couple, as they discover what it means to fall in love and stay in love— and all to the beat of 90’s Korean pop hits! This musical is a sheer, nostalgic delight that the whole family will enjoy.

Finding Mr. Destiny

Korea's Daehak-ro Festival 2018: Finding Mr. Destiny Musical
Finding Mr. Destiny Musical

If you’re a fan of Korean heartthrob Gong Yoo, you’ve probably seen him in the  2010 hit movie of the same name.What you may not know is that the movie was based off of this hit musical. And we guarantee, nothing compares to the original musical performance.

Korea's Daehak-ro Festival 2018: Finding Mr. Destiny
Finding Mr. Destiny Musical

“Finding Mr. Destiny” follows the story of Seo Ji-Woo as she searches for her first love. The show is as funny as it is romantic, reminding the audience of what it means to fall in love for the first time.

Korea's Daehak-ro Festival 2018: Finding Mr. Destiny Musical
Finding Mr. Destiny Musical

The hit musical celebrates its 11th year anniversary run at the Daehak-ro Festival, so be sure to grab your tickets ahead with KKday!

Tablet PCs are provided to audience members for language subtitle services. Available languages are English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

Non-Verbal Shows

A crowd favorite during the Daehak-ro Festival are the non-verbal shows, which cut through language barriers with brilliant performances and larger-than-life effects.


Korea's Daehak-ro Festival 2018: NANTA Show

There’s a reason why NANTA is Korea’s longest running show. Witness the award-winning show that takes audience members on a wildly entertaining culinary lesson. See the chefs whip up all sorts of traditional Korean dishes on stage to the beat of a traditional Samulnori (percussion quartet); with plot twists and turns, and spectacular effects, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time!

The Painters: HERO

Let your imagination run wild with the four artists of “The Painters: HERO” show! With a brilliant blend of mime, dance, and slapstick humor, witness this live painting exhibition that puts a whole new meaning to ‘performance art.’

CHEF: Bibimbap Performance

Picture this: a fierce rivalry, beatboxing, martial arts, and bibimbap. CHEF follows the antics of a group of chefs who set out to create the perfect bibimbap. This interactive culinary comedy that takes you through the history of bibimbap with high-energy performances that will leave you in awe. The best part? You might be the lucky audience member who decides on the winning bibimbap!

Getting Tickets

Tickets to these hit shows these hit shows typically run out fast. Luckily, you can purchase online and ahead of time with KKday as early as now.Simply save your e-voucher, and show it to the show’s ticketing office. Head over here to reserve your tickets, and enjoy freebies from KKday.

Indulge in world class entertainment on your next trip to Seoul, and catch all these shows and more at the Daehak-ro Festival!