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Bangkok’s Top 3 National & Amusement Parks For Summer

Get ready for an action-packed adventure in Thailand with your family with our quick list of famous theme parks. Summer’s the best time to experience the uniqueness of Bangkok’s theme parks, which cover everything from snowy ski slopes to prehistoric worlds!

Bangkok Dream World

Dream World: Bangkok, Thailand
Flickr/ najjean under CC

Looking for thrilling roller coasters and water rides? Try Dream World, where both kids and adults can choose their idea of fun. Hurtle through sharp twists and turns on the Raptor and Tornado rides. Adrenaline junkies have to try Dream World’s famous Sky Coaster ride, where you can zip through loops with with your legs dangling in mid-air. Feeling the summer heat? Get soaked with various water trikes and roller coasters. Or chill out at Snow Town and go ice sledding or make snow angels at the indoor ski slope. Don’t miss out on spectacular shows like The Colors of the World Parade, Hollywood Action, and Uncle Tom’s Farm. Experience this activity here with KKday.

Bangkok Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet: Bangkok, Thailand
Flickr/ Travolution360 under CC

Looking for a different kind of adventure with your family? Escape into an ancient world filled with dinosaurs! Witness incredible beasts that once roamed the skies, lands, and oceans millions of years ago through multimedia technology.  Be mesmerized by 4D and live shows, featuring epic underwater battles in 4D Deep-World. Watch the dinosaurs fight for their survival in The Great Volcano and Extinction Live Show.

You can also observe dinosaur eggs hatching at the Dino Lab or ride cute dinosaurs at Dino Farm. Whether you’re a kid at heart or into all things science, there’s plenty for you to discover at Bangkok’s new attraction. 

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park: Thailand
Khao Yai National Park: Thailand

Get ready for wildlife adventure at Khao Yai National Park, Thailand’s first national park.  It can take more than a day to fully appreciate this massive enclosure, but you can include this attraction as part of your day tour. Enter the massive park and immerse yourself in lush jungles and all kinds of animals, from elephants and crocodiles to pig-tailed macaques. Not only is this home to thousands of animals, stunning waterfalls, springs, and caves –  you can also explore the PB Winery and sample local wines. Or immerse yourself in the farming life at Jim Thompson Farm and Chokchai Farms. Roam around flower fields and pumpkin patches or see how cows are milked and fed.