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Cool Down This Summer at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Summer is upon us again! And we all know what that means: copious amounts of Hong Kong milk tea, generous servings of our favorite frozen desserts, and the urge to feel the electrifying rush of a roller coaster ride. Relive your summer vacations and unleash your inner child in Hong Kong’s marine life-themed Ocean Park.


Check out our top tips and highlights for visiting this classic amusement park.


Get your tickets ahead of time for a worry-free trip

Skip the long lines when you book your Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets with KKday. You’ll not only get discounted prices but also cool deals like gift vouchers and various family packages.


Go the scenic route

Ocean Park is located on the southern side of Hong Kong, spanning around 915,000 sq. meters. It’s divided into two areas, the Waterfront and the Summit. Kids will appreciate diverse wildlife exhibits and milder rides in the Waterfront, while older guests might enjoy the thrilling attractions of the Summit.


To get around, you can opt for the 15-minute cable car to see panoramic views of the bay. (Tip: the best time to ride the cable car would be early in the morning or later in the afternoon!)


A faster option would be the Ocean Express Tram, located near Aqua City Lagoon and Jockey Club Panda Exhibit. Immerse yourself in a submarine-like train car, complete with CGI effects in the windows and ceilings – perfect for kids and the young-at-heart!


Gaze at adorable giant pandas and creatures of the ocean

Glimpse the fascinating lives of these precious animals in Giant Panda Habitat and Amazing Asian Animals complex. See An An, LeLe and Ying Ying snack on bamboo or just plainly taking a nap (looking awfully cute, to boot).


Head to Waterfront for the Grand Aquarium. Spot manta rays, hammerhead sharks, and over 5,000 fish in a colossal, four-storey tank. We recommend visiting during the day so you can better capture the beauty of marine life underwater.


Prepare to get wet

Ocean Park’s The Rapids (flickr/shankaronline, used under CC BY 2.0)

Have a blast in The Rapids, a rocky ride through the winding river. Hop aboard a raft and hear the exotic sounds of the tropical rainforest. Twist, turn, and even face a cascade of water in an adventure that’s perfect for the summer.

Feel the breeze on these exhilarating rides

Climb aboard Hong Kong’s fastest roller coaster, the Hair Raiser. Reach speeds of up to 88kph on this floorless(!) roller coaster. Keep your eyes peeled once you reach the top for a picturesque view of the South China Sea! Try your hand at The Flash, with 360-degree turns at a dizzying speed of 60kph. Lastly, there’s The Abyss, a turbo drop from 20 stories above ground.

Spend your summer with family and friends in Ocean Park Hong Kong!