Exploring Hokkaido: 4 Sights You Shouldn’t Miss

As Japan’s days get longer and warmer, you’ve got more reason to skip the big cities and explore the countrysides. On your next Japan trip, make the most of your your JR Pass and head over to scenic Hokkaido, and experience the beautiful scenery and explore off-beat attractions.

Sapporo Beer Museum

Hokkaido Attractions: Beer Museum

Exploring with Your JR Hokkaido Pass: Sapporo Beer Museum

Japan is known for having lots of unique attractions. And when you go exploring the Hokkaido region, the Sapporo Beer Museum is a definite can’t miss. This former brewery from the Meiji Period brings Japan’s beer industry and culture to life. Entrance is free and for a small fee, tourists can enjoy a beer tasting!

Farm Tomita

Hokkaido Attractions: Farm Tomita
Exploring with Your JR Hokkaido Pass: Farm Tomita

Hokkaido is famous for its stunning open countryside. Come spring time, locals and tourists flock to the famous Farm Tomita to see hills and meadows full of bright, colourful flowers. The sight is something right out of a fairy tale, and this lovely day tour will also take you to see other wonderful sights such as the famous Ningul Terrace and Blue Pond.

Otaru Canal

Hokkaido Attractions: Otaru Canal
Exploring with Your JR Hokkaido Pass: Otaru Canal

Not too long ago, the Otaru Canal was a busy transportation hub where ships of all sizes would transport their goods. It’s now obsolete as a transportation channel, but the town residents worked together to transform it into a beautiful town monument.

Now, tourists can take a scenic rickshaw ride around. See historic landmarks such as the Asakusa Bridge and the Northern Wall Street, as well river scenery and local fishing boats. Book the experience here with KKday

Guenpin Fugu Tigerfish Taste Test

What’s a trip to a new place without sampling the local cuisine? When you visit Hokkaido, head to the Sapporo branch of Guenpin Fugu and try their specialty: high quality, tiger pufferfish. Indulge in this Japanese delicacy as Guenpin Fugu’s expert chefs serve the tiger pufferfish as sashimi, deep fried, or barbequed. We guarantee it’s dangerously delicious! Make your reservations with KKday!

Japan is full of hidden gems and surprises, and one of the best ways to explore these lesser visited regions is by train. Purchase your JR Pass with KKday at an exclusive discounted rate, and enjoy discovering these spots and more!