Exotic Japanese Food You Must Try In Tokyo

Go beyond the usual sushi and tempura platters during your Japan trip. Tuck into these local specialties that may seem weird, but are ultimately wonderful. Make sure to experience these culinary dishes unique to Tokyo, Japan.

Try Eel

Unagi Grilled Eel Over Rice with Japanese Sauce
Unagi Grilled Eel Over Rice with Japanese Sauce

Step back in time to Edo period Japan with this revered summer treat. Enter an unagi restaurant, which usually boasts traditional decor like charming folding screens and hanging scrolls. At first, you might seem skeptical about eating this snake-like fish, coupled with its chewy texture. Luckily, there are lots of ways to discover its flavor. Sample unagi don, which is grilled eel over rice, then savor the crisp texture and the deep flavor of the meat enhanced with soy sauce. Relish fluffy eggs called umaki with broiled eel inside.  If you dare, have yours simply roasted and sprinkled with salt to get the purest feel of this delicacy. Experience it with KKday.

Taste Pufferfish

Fugu Sashimi with Liver
Fugu Sashimi with Liver (Flickr/ Peter Kaminski under CC)

Did you know that Japanese royals were banned from eating this dangerously delicious food? Yet pufferfish remains a luxurious staple loved by all of Japan. These sea creatures start out as highly poisonous, which is why you should only try it at a well-known establishment with licensed chefs. Try tiger pufferfish served as sashimi, fried tempura-style, barbecued, or as the highlight of a hot pot. Experience ‘fugu’ cuisine, and live to tell the tale. NEVER try this at home! Book this at Guenpin or Santomo with KKday.

Sample Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki, known as the Japanese Pancake
Okonomiyaki, known as the Japanese Pancake

Okonomiyaki is known as the Japanese cabbage pancake, and there are several ways to prepare this savory treat. It starts with a batter made from egg, oil, flour, and cabbage. Have yours with carrots, squid, shrimp, and even wasabi and cheese—you’ll never get bored with the endless combinations. If you think it’ll taste unusual, think again. Once it’s grilled and topped with barbecue sauce, it all comes together into a delicious ‘pizza’ that may leave you craving for cabbages. Head over here to enjoy this product!

Indulge in Chanko Nabe

Chanko Nabe, known as Sumo Stew
Chanko Nabe, known as Sumo Stew (Flickr/ Hirotomo T under CC)

Take a bite into Japanese culture with this hot pot dish nicknamed, ‘sumo stew’. Feast like the ‘rikishi’, meaning professional wrestler, with a traditional meal used to bulk up. While hot pot is traditionally eaten during winter, it can be enjoyed anytime. Slurp thick udon noodles and enjoy its hearty components: chicken broth with sake, fish, tofu, other kinds of meat, and vegetables. A bowl of Chanko Nabe is filled with protein, so you’ll gain more energy for your Tokyo adventure! Try it with KKday.

Have you tried any of these unique dishes yet? If not, which one caught your attention? Let us know below!