5 Desserts to Sweeten Your Summer in Taiwan and Korea

You know what they say, there’s always room for dessert. We agree, so we’ve put together this list of must-try dessert experiences, whether you’re in Taiwan or Korea this hot season!

Try Taiwan’s Famous Shaved Ice

5 Desserts to Sweeten Your Summer in Taiwan and Korea: MangoChaCha
Taiwan’s MangoChaCha

What better way to beat the heat this summer than with heavenly shaved ice desserts? Experience the shaved ice dessert of MangoChaCha, made with the “Irwin Mango” – a popular Taiwan export known for its sweet taste and soft texture. You can book this activity with KKday. 

Not a mango fan? You can also sample Tie  Guan Yin Milky Snowflake Ice at Smoothie House, another international favorite. Cool off with its fine, fluffy shaved ice and creamy condensed milk. Taste the strong oriental flavor of Tie Guan Yin milk tea and jelly, drizzled with black sugar syrup – yum!

Feast on Korea’s Strawberry Pastries

5 Desserts to Sweeten Your Summer in Taiwan and Korea: Strawberry Buffet
Korea Strawberries

Korea is famous for their wonderfully juicy strawberries! Aside from enjoying them straight from the stem while strawberry picking, you can taste almost every strawberry treat imaginable at trendy hotel strawberry buffets. Enter a luxuriously pink paradise at Seoul JW Marriott Hotel. Surround yourself with themed desserts, including pound cakes, cheesecakes, and champagne cupcakes. In partnership with Mattel, view the iconic Barbie doll displayed along with over 25 desserts – perfect for your pastel-themed Instagram! Head over here to experience this product!


Craft Your Own Floral Cupcakes in Seoul

If you’re a baking enthusiast, this 3-hour cupcake making class will surely tickle your fancy. Relax in the cozy setting of ‘I’m Green House’ – an intimate guesthouse. You’ll learn how to steam your cakes in a traditional bamboo steamer. Top it off with an intricate floral decorations made from scratch using white bean paste, green tea powder, and paprika. Choose your colors and mold individual petal leaves to form the most impressive flowers in bloom. Finish with a lovely little tea party. It may seem like a shame to eat such an elaborate cupcake, so don’t forget to snap your creation before you dig in! Book this experience here.

Bake Taiwan’s Traditional Pineapple Cakes

5 Desserts to Sweeten Your Summer in Taiwan and Korea: Pineapple Cake
Taiwan Pineapple Cake

Can’t get enough of Taiwan’s best-selling souvenir cakes? Why not learn how to bake them ar Kuo Yuan Ye Pastry Museum? Follow your instructor step-by-step in a hands-on pineapple cake making class. Prepare your own dough with a rolling pin, and cake tin. Bake your cakes using Tainan’s Guanmiao special pineapple filling. Feel free to draw cute designs on top, then take some home as a personalized gift for your friends. Try it with KKday.

Whip up Bubble Tea in Taichung

5 Desserts to Sweeten Your Summer in Taiwan and Korea: Bubble Tea
Taiwan DIY Bubble Tea

Chun Shui Tang is known as the ‘inventor of bubble tea’’. Head to the original Chun Shui Tang Tea House branch in Taichung, and take your milk tea experience to the next level by brewing it yourself! Once you’re done, savor every sip of creamy goodness and chewy pearls. Bring home a new skill to enjoy milk tea anywhere, anytime.


Which dessert left you drooling? Let us know in the comments!