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Traveling to Tokyo? Download These 8 Free and Useful Travel Apps

Make the most of your trip to Japan by making sure you’ve got everything you need—all in your hand. Here are the top smartphone apps to download next time you head to Tokyo City. All the apps we’ve listed are free, and available for both Apple and Android Users.



This is Japan’s top commuting app. This easy-to-use app lets you simply key in your current location and destination, and it churns out detailed train information. You see which which trains to take, which stations to transfer, how much it should cost, and how long the trip will take. Hyperdia also gives you additional information on nearby restaurants, hotels, and car rental services.

Download: Apple | Android

Google Maps

With its user-friendly interface and up-to-date information, navigating this huge city will be much easier. Unlike most map applications, Google Maps is quite visual and lets you spot nearby restaurants, parks, and bars. You can also key in your current location and destination, and the app will give you the optimal route to get there.

Download: Apple | Android


This is the official app of the Tokyo Taxi Association, and pools in fourteen different taxi companies. Just turn on your phone’s GPS to flag down the closest taxi—no registration account needed.

Download: Apple | Android


Tabimori was designed by the Narita International Airport Corporation (READ: Japan Layover Guides: Exploring Narita Airport) specially for international visitors. This one-stop-shop app features flight information, a currency converter, weather updates, a basic phrasebook and translator, and information for basic tourist spots. This app is great if you’re low on memory.

Download: Apple | Android

Booking and Itineraries

GuruNavi Restaurant Guide

Enjoy every single meal on your trip with Japan’s top food app. GuruNavi lets you find the restaurant of your choice based on cuisine, budget, or location. Whether you’ve got a particular restaurant (READ: Tokyo Taste Test: The Best Restaurants in the City) on your mind, or just looking to explore, GuruNavi gives you comprehensive information from the store hours to the seating capacity. Best of all? GuruNavi offers a number of discounts or complimentary drinks to its users.

Download: Apple | Android


If you’re looking tours and activities to fill in your itinerary, be sure to download the KKday app. Whether you’re booking months ahead, or last-minute from the airport, you’re sure to find exciting things to do. You can book skip-the-line tickets, unique day tours, and enjoy exclusive discounts.

Download: Apple | Android



Avoid racking up a criminal phone bill by downloading LINE, Japan’s top messaging app. It works just like WhatsApp, but doesn’t require a phone number to register—so you can use your laptop or tablet in a pinch. Download LINE for easier communication not just with your friends, but also your tour drivers, Airbnb host, and other locals.

Download: Apple | Android


Google Translate

This staple travel app has proven itself useful no matter what country we talk about. But especially for Japan, where most signs and posts are written in Japanese instead of English. Use its photo-translate feature, which lets you snap a picture of the text and give you a rough translation in English—great if you’re in the middle of the city and looking for directions!

Download: Apple | Android