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Tokyo’s Haneda Airport: Secret Facilities and Things to Do

Tokyo’s Haneda Airport has been hailed as one of the best airports in the world. So make the most of your layover by checking out its useful and lesser-known secret facilities. Whether it’s a 3-hour layover or 7-hour layover, you can make your time more pleasant with these tips.

Discover Japanese Culture

Tokyo's Haneda Airport: Secret Facilities and Things to Do

Maybe you don’t have time to leave Haneda Airport—especially if your layover is less than four hours. But there are lots of small exhibits and displays of Japanese culture and history that travelers can explore.

Juveniland Tokyo (Terminal 1, 3rd Floor): Take a trip down memory lane to see this unique exhibit of antique and vintage toys. Check out the Kitahara Collection Airport Gallery, and play with the display.

Edo-koji (International Terminal, 4th Floor): Inside this ultra modern airport is a pocket of Imperial Japan. With its unmistakable paper lanterns, Edo-koji Street is a commercial stretch of shops and restaurants faithfully decorated as a Japanese townscape from the Edo Period. After browsing through the quaint shops, head upstairs to the Observation Deck for a breathtaking view of Tokyo city.

Freshen Up for that Business Meeting

Wash away that gross airport feeling and land clean and refreshed.

Showers (International Terminal, 2nd Floor): Freshen up after a long flight by rent a shower cubicle. The cubicles are open 24/7, and provide towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner, and a hair dryer. It’s around $ 9.75 USD (¥ 1030) per person for 30 minutes.

Barbershop (Terminal 1, 1st Floor): Head to that important business meeting or interview looking dapper with a fresh haircut and shave. And if you’re feeling a little extra? You can get your shoes shined just a few stalls away.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning (Terminal 1, 1st Floor) For those last minute fashion emergencies, or if you just don’t want to bring home dirty clothes!

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Family Travel

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Pet Hotel (Terminal 1, 2nd Floor) Travel can take its toll on your furry family members.You can leave your pets at the pet hotel by the hour, and avail of grooming services. Or just pass by and see all the cute animals!

Baby Changing Stations (All Terminals, Various Floors) There are over twenty baby care facilities conveniently located all over Haneda Airport. Families traveling with young children can use the baby chairs, washbasins, and private nursing booths to help care for the babies. Families can also rent a stroller.

Day Care: Children’s Play Area (All Terminals, 2nd Floors) Parents with kids in tow can take a breather by leaving the at Haneda Airport’s hourly daycares. You’ll have to reserve a few days ahead, but this is a great chance to recharge for your trip while keeping the kids entertained.

24/7 Food Options

There are few things worse than a long layover in the middle of the night, when all the restaurants are closed. Luckily, Haneda Airport has several 24/7 food options for the nocturnal travelers.

Tokyo's Haneda Airport: Secret Facilities and Things to Do

Edo Ko-ji (International Terminal, 4th Floor): Choose from coffee shops like Cafe Cardinal and Mo’s Cafe, and quick rice meals at Yoshinoya.

Rokurinsha (International Terminal, 3rd Floor) Warm your stomach with a piping hot bowl of strong, rich ramen—locals and travelers even claim it’s some of the best ramen in Japan!  

Bar Rage (International Terminal, 3rd Floor) Have a drink at this 24-hour bar that serves cocktails made with fresh fruits.  The leading mixologist, Mr. Kitazoe, makes it his goal to create cocktails that introduce Japan to foreigners.

Automat Gourmet 24 (Terminal 2, 1st Floor): This unique restaurant consists solely of vending machines. Drop a few coins for your choice of hot meals, bento, and rice balls.

Now that you’ve unlocked some nifty Haneda Airport secrets, make good use of them when planning your next trip to Tokyo!

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