Top 2018 Holy Week Destinations for Filipino Travelers

Top Holy Week Getaways: Cebu

For Filipinos, Holy Week is one of the longest public holidays of the year. This makes it a great time to get out of town on a trip and travel elsewhere. Whether you’re thinking of flying domestically or internationally, or just looking for great destinations this summer, take a look this list we’ve put together.



Top Holy Week Getaways: Intramuros, Manila
Top Holy Week 2018 Destinations: Intramuros, Manila (image via Shutterstock)

You don’t have to look far for a great Holy Week getaway. If you’re spending the holiday in Metro Manila, take advantage of Manila city’s many, many historic churches and attractions in Intramuros. The Spanish-era architecture combined with the religious festivities makes for a both an exciting yet reflective experience.


Top Holy Week Getaways: Cebu
Top Holy Week 2018 Destinations: Sumilon Islands, Cebu (image via Shutterstock)

If you’re looking for a Holy Week destination away from the city, consider Cebu. With its pristine (and relatively untapped) beaches, sparkling oceans, and scenic tropical islands, Cebu is always a good holiday getaway.


Holy Week Getaways: Bohol Island
Top Holy Week 2018 Destinations: Bohol Island (image via Shutterstock)

For a good mix of nature, history, and adventure, head down to Bohol where you can see the famous Chocolate Hills, the exotic Filipino Tarsier animals, and a number of historic churches.

El Nido, Palawan

Holy Week Getaways: El Nido, Palawan
Top Holy Week 2018 Destinations: El Nido, Palawan (image via Fotolia)

As soon as you’ve got the chance, travel to El Nido, Palawan and see why it’s been hailed by travelers all over the world as the world’s most beautiful island. Fair warning: Holy Week is peak season for this destination, but even at its most crowded, the El Nido is a stunner. Be sure to check out our article,  El Nido, Palawan: Everything You Need to Know.



Holy Week Getaways: Taiwan
Top Holy Week 2018 Destinations: Alishan, Taiwan

Taiwan has steadily grown in popularity as a holiday destination for Filipinos. Rich in natural attractions like the Alishan National Park and Taroko Gorge, as well as city wonders like Taipei 101 and its unique night markets.

Hong Kong

Holy Week Getaways: Hong Kong
Top Holy Week 2018 Destinations: Hong Kong (image via Shutterstock)

Another nearby option for those looking to get out of the country but not waste the holiday travelling is Hong Kong. With school out, younger travellers are sure to enjoy Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland.


Holy Week Getaways: Bangkok, Thailand
Top Holy Week 2018 Destinations: Bangkok, Thailand

For a taste of a very different culture, look no further than Bangkok. With its numerous Buddhist temples, floating markets which sport bargain hunts, and affordable food options, Bangkok is a great place to travel to when you’ve only got a few days to spare.



Holy Week Getaways: Spain
Top Holy Week 2018 Destinations: Spain (image via Shutterstock)

If you’re looking to really make a spiritual experience out of your Holy Week travels, head to one of the world’s most Catholic nations. For a somber celebration, spend Easter week in Malaga which hosts a ritual of freeing a convicted prisoner, who is then blessed by the Jesus figure. There are also a number of religious processions in Valladolid, while Cuenca should appeal to younger Catholics with its lively religious concerts.  


Holy Week Getaways: Italy
Top Holy Week 2018 Destinations: Rome, Italy

Apart from being home of the Vatican—which is the ultimate Holy Week destination for practicing Catholics—Italy is full of spectacular sights and attractions. After making your way to St. Peter’s Basilica, explore the rest of Rome, ride a gondola in Venice, or visit the historical city of Pompeii.

Whether you’re looking for a spiritual retreat or just another vacation getaway, you don’t have to look far for a great holiday.