Top Spring Break Destinations for College Students

Spring Break Destinations for College Students

Celebrate the end of the semester and get some sand and sun with your college buds by heading out for spring break. Here are our hot destination picks for a fun and action-packed vacation.

Cancun, Mexico

Top Spring Break Destinations for College Students: Cancun, Mexico
Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico (image via Fotolia)

Whether it’s your first or last spring break as a college student, Cancun is a definite must. Its pristine beaches and A-list nightlife scene (don’t miss Coco Bongo, or this Catamaran Cruise) are made even sweeter by the budget-friendly rates. This spring break destination is also famous for drawing international students, making for some great club parties.


Top Spring Break Destinations for College Students: Miami
Spring Break in Miami (image via Shutterstock)

With it’s incredible beaches, crazy nightclub and parties, and constant supply of alcohol (check out this great pub crawl tour), Miami has rightfully earned its place as America’s ultimate spring break destination. And while it definitely won’t be cheap here, Miami will give you a taste of the Caribbean spring break without the expensive international flight.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Top Spring Break Destinations for College Students: Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic
Spring Break in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic (image via Pixabay)

If you’re willing to shell out more money for the real Caribbean paradise, the Dominican Republic has started gaining popularity as a spring break getaway. And while the flight is expensive, everything else is affordable. Punta Cana is a haven that combines breathtaking beaches and fun night socials with delicious and cheap local food. And if typical spring break activities start getting old, you can go snorkelling, hiking, zip-line rides, and other activities.

San Diego

Top Spring Break Destinations for College Students: La Jolla, San Diego
Spring Break in La Jolla, San Diego (image via Shutterstock)

Miles of sandy beaches and a bustling nightlife – what more could you want for your spring break? San Diego is an affordable spring break destination for West Coasters looking for a well-deserved break without travelling too far. For an interesting spring break activity, check out the San Diego walking tours. 

Tampa Bay, Florida

Top Spring Break Destinations for College Students: Tampa Bay, Florida
Spring Break in Tampa Bay, Florida (image via Shutterstock)

With spring break capitals like Miami and Cancun, places like Florida often get overlooked. Which is both a shame and a blessing at the same time. This gem in America’s Southwest region boasts of over 60 kilometers of white sand beaches and a significantly less number of visitors—a perfect destination for a relaxing, sunny spring break.

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