A Spring Guide to Taiwan’s Cherry Blossoms This 2019

Besides Korea and Japan, did you know that Taiwan is also a perfect destination for viewing cherry blossoms? From north to south, you can find a variety of species of cherry blossoms blooming during Chinese New Year holidays—a sight that draws plenty of visitors from around the world. The ephemeral beauty of delicate pale pink petals falling gracefully will surely bring out your inner poet.

Our well-crafted spring guide will help you unlock all the best spots for viewing cherry blossoms in Taiwan. Read carefully if you are planning to visit Taiwan in spring, so you won’t regret missing out on these seasonal highlights!

Yangmingshan National Park (Mid February to Mid March)

Yangmingshan National Park Fountain with cherry blossoms
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If you find cherry blossoms lacking in Taipei city, take a short day trip to Yangmingshan National Park. The stunning national park is filled with hiking trails, exotic plants and wildlife, and famous hot springs. Head to this place during spring to escape the city and fall in love with  the lush mountain scenery and forests.

The most Insta-worthy hotspot for cherry blossom is at Lane 42, Pingjing Street. Admire the row of Fuji cherry trees boasting blush-pink flowers, spreading their branches over the fences to greet their admirers.

  • How to Get There from Taipei: At Taipei Main Station, take Shuttle Bus 260 from the Zhengzhou Road bus stop. Get off at the Yangmingshan Bus Terminal.
  • Book a Day Tour: Explore Yangmingshan National Park and the Hot Springs with convenient pick-up and drop-off.

Tian-yuan Temple (Early February to Mid March)

Tian-yuan temple with cherry blossoms
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For a top notch cherry blossoms viewing spot, you don’t need to venture far from Taiwan’s capital. Visit Tian-yuan temple in the historical Tamsui district, which is surrounded by cherry blossoms when spring arrives. Thanks to hundreds of volunteers planting the cherry trees back in the 1970s, we are now able to enjoy the lavish spectacles that symbolize beauty and mortality!

There are two types of cherry blossoms here, one of which is a special mix breed between Taiwan native species and Japan species. Closely observe three shades of flower petals on the same tree—pale white, light pink and fuchsia. The spiritual atmosphere brought by cherry blossoms is amplified by the religious setting of the temple, which makes all visitors linger and reluctant to leave.

  • How to Get There from Taipei: Take the Danhai Light Rail from V01 Hongshulin to V05 Danjin Beixin. From there, take bus 875 and get off at Pobuzijiao station.
  • Book a Transfer: For a hassle-free trip,  to Tianyuan Temple, book the private car service via KKday!

Renchan Botanical Gardens (Late February to Early March)

Renchan Botanical Gardens
Photo from TripAdvisor “liyichuan”

If you want to avoid the crowds, here’s a travel stop for the seriously outdoorsy. Enjoy several scenic hiking trails that will let you explore a number of themed gardens at the Renshan Botanical Gardens in Yilan. Apart from the pink cherry blossoms, the themed gardens are also home to thousands of exotic, colorful flowers, as well as butterflies.

While you’re in Yilan, revive your outdoor spirit and explore Taipinshan. Marvel at Taiwan’s largest alpine lake with mystic fog and mountainous landscapes as surroundings.

  • How to Get There from Taipei: Take TRA to Luodong station, then take bus 281 to the destination

Nantou Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village & Sun Moon Lake (Early February to Mid March)

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village with cherry blossoms
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Still young at heart? Take advantage of cherry blossom season to also visit the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village! Besides having a blast on numerous exhilarating rides, witness Taiwan’s colorful indigenous Taiwanese culture, and watch stunning performances of ritual dances with live music.

Walk along the Cherry Blossom Avenue behind the amusement park area. Gape at the explosion of pink red flowers surrounding both sides of the avenue. Then ake the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, a 7-minute ropeway ride that will treat you to an incredible view of the cherry blossoms and the famous Sun Moon Lake. Hurry and book the cherry blossom season tickets while they are on early bird sale!

Alishan National Scenic Area (Early to Late March)

Train from Alishan National Park with cherry blossomsThe Alishan National Park is a scenic attraction year-round, with its mountain landscapes, towering cypress trees, and vintage local trains. But come spring time, Alishan transforms into Taiwan’s top cherry blossom viewing spot. Various kinds of cherry trees show off their blooming flowers, adding splendid colors to the natural landscape.  

Cherry Blossom flower at Alishan National Park
The cherry blossom at Alishan, image by Sunny Chang

Enjoy a day trip of light hiking, high mountain tea, and cherry blossom viewing. Or, spend a night or two in the Taichung district and catch the stunning sunrise views over the sea of clouds.

  • How to Get There from Taipei: Read our detailed guide for transportation to Alishan.

Book a tour: Enjoy convenient pick up when you book this complete day tour from Taichung or Chiayi.

Wuling Farm (Early to Late February)

Cherry Blossom Trees at Wuling Farm
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Another cherry blossom heaven is the Wuling Farm. Located almost 2,000 meters above sea level, the weather is cool and refreshing. Stroll down the 3 km long road with cherry blossoms all along the way. You can also have a picnic under the trees, gaze upon the snow-capped mountain, or observe the monkeys jumping around.

Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy the trek up to Snow Mountain, the second highest peak in Taiwan. Apart from spring, another great time to visit Wuling Farm is in September, when a number of other exotic flora are also in bloom.

Cingjing Farm

Beautiful views of the mountains of Cingjing Farm
Image via Shutterstock

If you’re headed to Taiwan on a family trip, spend a day exploring the Cingjing Farms for cool mountain weather, stunning scenery, and adorable sheep! Also known as Taiwan’s ‘Foggy Eden,’ the lush grasslands see acres of colorful flowers. The Sakura Trail is located around Small Swiss Garden. Even though it’s not a long trail, you can see an abundance of cherry blossoms contrasting the clear blue sky, painting a pastel masterpiece with mountains in the backdrop.

Capture the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms, the famous poetic experience that everyone needs to do at least once in their lifetime. If Japan is too far away from you, go to Taiwan. Join the locals with their cheerful Spring Festival spirit and welcome a bright new year with blooming flowers!


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