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Everything You Need to Know About Tokyo’s Insane Robot Restaurant

Tokyo, Japan: Robot Restaurant (Flickr/Nick Turner)

Where can you find incredible pyrotechnics, massive robotic dinosaurs and a parade of high-energy dancers and drummers all in one place? Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant Cabaret in Shinjuku! If you’ve ever wanted to see a gorilla ride an oversized bird that shoots fire out of its mouth (and, um, why wouldn’t you?), then you need to make your way to Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant.


You may have already heard of the Robot Restaurant Cabaret in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Let’s just say it’s got a reputation. The Robot Restaurant Cabaret encompasses that ‘what is happening right now?’ feeling that many of us have come to associate with certain aspects of Japanese culture. Over the years, it’s become a destination for tourists, as much as the Tokyo Skytree or Mt. Fuji. Don’t skip a night at the insanity that is Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant, here’s everything you need to know this bizarre, breathtaking and astonishing spectacle

Where Can I Find Robot Restaurant Tickets?

A ticket to the Robot Restaurant will cost you about 8,000 yen at the door. Skip the long lines (as well as the risk of tickets selling out) by booking ahead of time. Purchase a Robot Restaurant ticket through KKday and get them at a discounted price of under 6,000 yen (for an evening show) or catch a matinee performance for just over 5,000 yen.

There are four shows a day: matinee at 4:00pm, 5:55pm, 7:50pm and 9:45pm. You’ll want to arrive at least 40 mins in advance when doors open.

How do I Get to the Robot Restaurant?

Located in Shinjuku, the Robot Restaurant is easily found in a central area. And with the massive flashing signage, it’s doubtful you’ll miss it. It’s just a five-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku Sanchome Station on the Tokyo Metro line or Toei Shinjuku Line. With portable Wi-Fi, you can easily map out directions for the quick walk.

To make the most of your trip, we suggest picking up a JR pass or a Tokyo Metro pass for unlimited rides.

What Can I Expect?

Upon arrival, check-in and exchange your voucher for an admission ticket. As doors open, you’ll be ushered into a waiting area, guests may grab a snack or beer before the show starts. As the show time nears, spectators are lead into the stage area that resembles a small arena with bleacher-type seating. You’ll be seated according to the assigned seat on your ticket.

The Robot cabaret updates segments and performances regularly however rest assured that you will indeed see many robots. You’ll also witness dancers, pyrotechnics, drummers, incredible costumes and animatronics. It’s a feast for the eyes that will leave you wondering, ‘what did I just watch?’.

Can I Bring Kids to the Show?

Yes! With massive, colorful robots battling it out, kids will definitely love the Robot Restaurant Experience. While the experience was previously geared towards adults, the current cabaret performance is toned down and family-friendly. Keep in mind you will experience loud sounds and flashing lights that may not be suitable for all ages.

Is the Robot Restaurant Worth it?

This is an easy one- YES. Just, yes.

The Robot Restaurant is a uniquely Japanese experience. You simply will not find anything else like this, elsewhere in the world. It’s must-see Tokyo attraction that you will remember for years to come.