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How to Spend 10 Days in Japan

We’ve written a lot about Japan—from its food, to its shopping, to its incredible sights and historic attractions. Conquering all these things can seem wildly intimidating, but the KKday team has come up with a great guide to help you see the best this country has to offer! Here’s a 10 day itinerary for Japan!

Day 1

Don’t waste any time once you land. At the Narita Airport, pick-up your travel essentials, like the 4G Sim Card your Tokyo Metro Unlimited Pass to help you get around.

Check-in at your hotel or Airbnb somewhere in the Shibuya district where you can explore the iconic Shibuya crossing and all the great shops and stores in the area. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, grab lunch at the famous Ichiran Ramen.

Hop on the Tokyo train and see the iconic Meiji Shrine, which was built to honor one of Japan’s most prominent emperors. Pay your respects, then head off to the famous Harajuku Street filled with colorful characters and shops.

Complete your first day with dinner at the Robot Cabaret Restaurant right at the lively Shinjuku District, before heading back to your hotel for the night.


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Day 2

Get up early for breakfast at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market (READ: Your Guide to Visiting Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market). Then have fun taking photos when you can rent your own kimono. See all of Tokyo from the top of the Tokyo Skytree.

If you’re headed to Tokyo in the spring, don’t miss the Cherry Blossoms blooming at Ueno Park. After marveling at the natural beauty, explore another one of Tokyo’s iconic neighborhoods, Akihabara. Here you can find all sorts of tech-related shops and sights, before sitting down for a snack at the famous Tokyo Maid Cafe.


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Day 3

It would be a mistake to skip out on the happiest place on earth. Especially if you’ve got kids in tow, be sure to dedicate a whole day at the wonderful place of Tokyo Disneyland!


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Day 4

See Mt. Fuji, Japan’s most iconic symbol. Often called the ‘border between heaven and earth,’ the shy volcano has long been a source of cultural and spiritual significance to the Japanese. Take this Mt. Fuji day tour where you can ride a cable car, see the incredible sights from an observation deck, pick your own fruit, and enjoy delicious wine.


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Day 5

After seeing the bustling capital of Tokyo, head south to Osaka, which is known for incredible food and incredible castles, just like the Osaka castle (READ: 10 World Heritage Sites to Check Out in Japan). Travel with speed and ease with your JR Pass.


Day 6

Hop on the subway and enter a world where all your favorite characters come to life! At Universal Studios Japan, experience thrilling rides, see extravagant parades, and relive the magic of Hogwarts at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!


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Day 7

Explore another one of Japan’s treasures: the deer of Nara Park. See them bow before you before you feed them their special biscuit, and enjoy the cool air and stunning foliage of Nara Park.

Head back to Osaka and see the city skyline from the Umeda Sky Building, before grabbing a bite of the famous Dontonburi Taokoyaki.


Day 8

After feasting on the incredible food of Osaka, head to Japan’s cultural capital: Kyoto. This historical haven is full of shrines and temples that continue to be places of worship, as well as castles boasting their incredible Imperial architecture.

Take the time to try the Maiko Experience Walking Plan before seeing the many sites Higashiyama. Don’t pass up the chance to see the Love Fortune Telling Stones at Jishu-jinja Shrine, or see the spring time cherry blossoms at Maruyama Park. Cap the day with a visit to Gion Street.


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Day 9

See all of the Kyoto highlights with our easy day tour and explore the top shrines and temples. Check out our guide for Temple Hopping in Kyoto, and enjoy feeling as if you’ve been transported back in time. Immersing yourself in the beauty of the Ancient Capital, before having dinner at Shinkyogoku.


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Day 10

It’s been a wild and exciting ride, but nothing really beats home. Take your JR Pass back to the Kansai Airport and head back home in ease, with all your souvenirs and memories.


For more fun and exciting tours in Japan, check out KKday’s Japan products over here, and tune in for more exciting travel guides!