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Conquering Taiwan in 6 Days 5 Nights

The KKday team has heard your cries and we’ve came up with a simple guide to the best parts of Taiwan. Get your tummies and feet ready for a delectable food trip and a killer shopping spree!

Day 1

On the first day, explore the sights and sounds of Taipei. Do not miss out the iconic sights such as Chiang Kai Shek Memorial and Taipei 101. Also, do not forget to indulge yourself with delicious Taiwanese food like the Beef Noodles and Mango Shaved Ice.


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Zhong Shan Famous Beef Noodles

Taipei 101 Observation Ticket

Taipei 101 Observation With MangoChaCha Shaved Ice Combo Ticket

Day 2

Start your day with some famous Yong He Dou Jiang, very similar to Singapore’s You Tiao (fried dough fritters). Afterwards, drop by Yang Ming Shan to see the blooming flowers and breathe in some fresh air. (If you visit around March, you’ll get to see cherry blossoms) End your day at Shilin night market and stuff yourself with some 超大鸡排 from HotStar (XL Chicken Cutlet).


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Yang Ming Shan National Park & Beitou Hot Springs

Day 3

Get out of the city and journey to Hualien. Here, you can visit the famous Taroko Gorge before heading down to Hehuashan. Another option is to take a full day tour of Hualien and Taroko Gorge to cover most of the scenic spots in this region of Taiwan. Afterwards, head to Taichung to eat local food and rest before day 4 adventures.


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Hualien Car Rental 

Chartered Tour of Hualien & Taroko Gorge

Day 4

Taiwan is the land of bubble tea. Needless to say, this is the best place in the world to learn how to make this famous drink. You can easily have that experience in Taichung before visiting the Sea of Flowers and Gaomei Wetlands.

Afterwards, pack your bags and head back to the bustling capital.


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Visit the Sea of Flowers

Go for the ChunShuiTang Bubble Tea DIY session

Half Day Tour from Taichung: Gaomei Wetlands and Rainbow Village

Taiwan High Speed Rail Discount Ticket from Taichung

Day 5

A trip to Taiwan is never complete without visiting Northern Taiwan’s famous attractions such as Jiufen, Yehliu and Shifen. These are the most photographed places in all of Taiwan so this is a must-see for travelers. Afterwards, visit Shida night market to have one last food trip before leaving the heart of Asia.


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Day 6

You can’t leave Taiwan without the famed pineapple cakes. This is pretty much available in any market or district. Lastly, you can also get a massage to recover from all the eating, shopping and walking.


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Kuo Yuan Ye Pastry Museum & Pineapple Cake Making Experience

Massage and Wellness in Taipei

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