7 Reasons Changi Cove Will Be Your Next Weekend Retreat

Cafe _ Lobby
Lobby: Reception Area


Staycation, the best option for the stressed-out Singaporean working a 5-day work week. You can totally unwind and relax just like you’re in a completely different country!

Literally a hidden gem in the outskirts of Singapore, Changi Cove might just be the getaway that you need and here are some reasons why.

1. It’s a Hideaway From City Life

No more hustle and bustling sounds of the city during your stay here, the only sounds you’ll be greeted with are the sounds of birds chirping and the rustling of the leaves.

WP leaves
Changi Cove (Credits: Changi Cove)

Being in the far east of Singapore, Changi Cove is surrounded by lush greenery and fresh air, especially great for nature lovers.

2. Mouth-Watering Dishes for Everyone

The White Olive

Dry Prawn Laksa
Dry Prawn Laksa
Pizza and Beer
Pizza and Beer

If after a long day of relaxation, you don’t want to head out to fill your tummies, The White Olive is the place for you! Named after the white olive tree that can be seen at the entrance of Changi Cove, this restaurant serves both international and local cuisine, catering to the tastes for all their guests.

Nasi Lemak from Changi Village

WP nasi lemak
Mizzy’s Coner (Credits: Burpple)

Hungry? Fret not because they are just a stone’s throw away from Mizzy’s Coner, the home of one of the best Nasi Lemak in Singapore! Rich coconutty goodness from the rice, crunchy ikan billis and the kick from the sambal at the side, how could you say no to that???

Besides the Nasi Lemak, there is also a wide array of delectable local hawker treats that you can indulge yourself in too such as BBQ stingray and Chicken Wings.

The Coastal Settlement

WP coastal settlement
The Coastal Settlement (Credits: Seth Lui)

Take a 5-minute walk down to memory lane when you visit The Coastal Settlement. The displays there have olden day telephones and even real life scooters all over the restaurant that gives the place a rustic vibe to it.

Most importantly, the food there will make your trip down totally worth it, with both Asian and Western cuisines there is sure to be something for everyone.

3. Adventure Is Just a Boat Ride Away

WP ubin
Pulau Ubin Entrance (Credits: Wikipedia Commons)

$2.50 and a sense of adventure is all you need when you take a boat ride down to the neighboring island, Pulau Ubin. Ubin is the last surviving kampong of the modern-day Singapore, and so worth visiting! Rent a bike and cycle around the island and go on a little adventure.

4. Chek JaWHAT?

Crab in Chek Jawa (Credits: BPDGtravels)

That would probably be the first reaction if we told you Chek Jawa. Unknown to many locals, Chek Jawa is located at the eastern tip of Ubin is the home to numerous ecosystems, which makes this a very precious part of Singapore. There are things from aquatic wildlife to mangroves that can be found here, definitely one for the nature lover.

5. Instagrammer’s Heaven

Secluded beaches, great natural lighting and no one to photobomb that perfect Instagram shot. Here are a few of our recommendations.

Changi Beach

WP changi beach
Changi Beach (Credits: Wikipedia Commons)

Afraid of people staring when you’re trying to get that “walking towards the sunset” picture taken? Fret not, because this isn’t Sentosa where you’ll make eye contact where ever you look.

Changi Boardwalk

WP changi boardwalk
Changi Boardwalk (Credits: Alamy)

Not only great for a relaxing evening stroll with your loved ones, but also great for some vacation themed photos.

(Tip: Head there at sunset, it’s when your photos will look the best!)

Changi Airport

WP sunflower
Sunflower Garden @ T2 (Credits: Now Boarding)

With the newly opened Terminal 4 there is so much more to do, and also lots more “pre-flight OOTD” spots!

6. Sail Into the Sunset

wp changi sailing club
Changi Sailing Club (Credits: The Peak)

Weather you have prior experience of are still a struggling beginner, sailing is still a very fun activity either ways. You could also rent a boat for the evening and have dinner as you drift into the sunset.

7. Revisit Singapore’s Chilling Past

changi chapel
Changi Chapel & Museum (Credits: UnTourist Singapore)

If you have a little time during your staycation, tourist it up and head down to Changi Chapel and Museum which is just a short drive away from Changi Cove. Changi Museum contains all the remains and history of the POW’s during WW2, it will give you a sense of appreciation of how much our ancestors have endured so that we can have our comfortable lives now.



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