10 Must-Try Tokyo Treats

Tokyo has so many little snacks and sweets it can be be a little overwhelming to choose. Whether you’re bringing back something for friends, family, co-workers or perhaps yourself (we won’t tell), KKday rounds up the best of the best. Your tastebuds can thank us later!

10. Limited Edition Kit Kat Flavors

Flickr | Isriya Paireepairit

Just like Thailand’s limited edition banana Pocky, Japan have their own limited edition Kit Kats, around 20 different flavors! For the biggest KitKat fans, check out the Kit Kat Chocolatory, the only place to find many of the special Kit Kats!

9. Royce’ Chocolate

Royce Chocolate – Facebook

Made in Hokkaido, Royce’ comes in a few different varieties, some with liquor, all melt in your mouth delicious. The original flavors include Milk, White, Champagne and Bitter. Seasonal limited editions are also regularly released. Get them before they’re gone! Royce’ also make the awesome Chocolate Potato Chips!

8. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cookies

Tokyo Cheese Factory – Facebook

In recent years these Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cookies have become super popular gifts. Some of the great flavors include, the classic Sea Salt and Camembert, Honey and Gorgonzola, and Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella. Cheese lovers rejoice!

7. Tokyo Nicorin

Nikkei Trendy Net 

Tokyo Nicorin are a type of small, sweet cake available at Tokyo Station and shaped like a small bell, the symbol of Tokyo Station. Filled with bean paste and a choice of four flavors, regular red bean, black tea, green tea and a special seasonal flavor!

  • Location: Available on the ground floor of Tokyo Station.

6. R.L Waffle Cake

RL Waffle

R.L Waffle Cake shops are an intriguing, sleek, simple and modern black design with red logo. When you approach the shop though, you’re greeted by all the wonderfully colorful soft cream filled waffles.  One of the most popular sellers in Tokyo Station, available in many different flavors including monthly special limited editions! If you can’t decide which waffle to buy, you could always select the box of 10 with R.L Waffle Cake’s top 10 flavors.

5. Gomatamago

Tokyo Tamago

Meaning sesame egg, the Gomatamago is another popular gift. The shell of the “egg” is made from white chocolate, followed by a thin layer of castella sponge and then a generous helping of delicious, thick, gooey filling, made from black sesame paste and black sesame jam.

  • Location: Gomatamago is available in many shops throughout Tokyo Station, you can’t miss it!

4. Hiyoko Manju

Tokyo Hiyoko

These cute chick shaped cakes are from Fukuoka and have been made for over 100 years. Hiyoko Manju have thin pastry coating a lima bean filling, simple, scrumptious and perfect with a cup of tea!

  • Location: Hiyoko Manju are available in major train stations and airports in Tokyo and all over Fukuoka.

3. Tokyo An-Pudding


The thing that separates Tokyo An-Puddings from many other puddings is, it uses Hokkaido red bean paste instead of caramel to accompany the lovely, smooth, eggy pudding.  

  • Location: Available in Daimaru Department Store, Tokyo Station’s Yaesu North Exit

2. Yoku Moku Tokyo Honey Sugar


Voted Tokyo’s most popular souvenir in 2014, these honeycomb shaped, crunchy treasures are part cookie, part waffle and all absolutely yummy! 

  • Location: Available near the Shinkansen South transit ticket gate.

1. Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana

Last, but certainly not least, comes the famous Tokyo Banana! These classic banana sponge cakes come in all kinds of varieties and occasionally in limited period, special flavors too. Some editions are also only available in certain places and you may have to prepare to queue up for some of the more popular ones.

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