Seoul’s Coolest Cafes

In recent years Seoul has become a major player in the coffee shop scene. Fashionable city spots Samcheong-dong, Myeong-dong and Jongno are seeing cool cafes popping up tempting passers-by with their warm mugs, refreshing drinks, tasty snacks and cute cakes. KKday has put together a list of the coolest cafes in Seoul, so you can relax in style.

#1 Mr Holmes Bakehouse

All the way from San Francisco, Mr Holmes Bakehouse has arrived in Seoul, and they’ve brought their cruffins with them! Somewhere between a croissant and a muffin, the cruffin is flaky on the outside and soft inside and available in a number of flavors including strawberry, blueberry, chocolate and more!

On top of the cruffins and other desserts, the people of Seoul have been going crazy over Mr Holmes Bakehouse trendy shop design, with gold accented marble tables, pink signs and leather sofas.

Address: Apgujeong-ro 10-gil, 34, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening times: 10am to 10:30pm

Transport: MRT Apgujeong Station Exit 5 or 6

#2 Korean Dessert Cafe

This large cafe is famous for it’s sulbing literally “snow ice” and instead of the commonly found shaved ice, they serve an icy dessert made with a frozen milk base, smooth, rich and creamy, perfect for cooling off in the summer! They also have sticky and delicious mochi toast and mochi cheese sticks!

The Korean Dessert Cafe is available all over Seoul so you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating one.

Address: 20 Myeongdong 10-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Opening times: 10:30am to 10:30pm

Transport: MRT Myeongdong Station Exit 5 or 6

#3 Foresta Book Cafe

Ok, this one isn’t in Seoul but we had to mention the Foresta Book Cafe in Heyri. A small village nearby the border to North Korea and featured in a number of popular Korean dramas, Heyri is known as a charming ‘book village’ and the cafe of choice for the visitors is Foresta, with it’s floor to ceiling bookshelves and bright colours.

Address: Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju, Gyeonggi-do


  1. From Wangsimni Station take the train to Yongmun Station then a taxi
  2. From Hapjeong Station Exit 1, take one of the 200, 2100, 2200 buses

Perhaps also consider KKday’s Day trip to Paju and Heyri

#4 Oh Lolly Day

Located in the Jongno District, Oh Lolly Day isn’t just any ordinary coffee shop. On walking in you’ll be greeted by a neon sign, which gives way to a calm pink interior. There’s a fantastically colorful array of drinks to select from and once your order is ready, take it up to the roof to enjoy your coffee with a view and to escape the bustle of the streets below. On leaving, make sure to browse the shop to check out the unique stationary and bits and bobs on offer.

Address: 212-4 Wonnam-dong, Jongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Opening times: Every month from 1st to 22nd / 12pm to 10pm

Transport: From Jongno 3-ga Metro Station Exit 7, walk 15-20 mins. From Hongdae/Sinchon take the 273 bus and get off at Wonnam Dong.

#5 Banana Tree Cafe

Koreans really like their banana milk! There’s few better places to find out why and what the fuss is about than the cozy Banana Tree Cafe. From milkshakes to cotton candy lattes there is something for everyone here. It would also be criminal to not try the cute potted desserts available in banana (obviously), strawberry, blueberry and coffee.

Address: 526 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Sinsa branch)

Opening times: 11am to 10pm

Transport: Sinsa Metro Station Exit 6 or 8

#6 O’sulloc Tea House

O’sulloc Tea House offers a good selection of coffees, teas, cakes, cookies and ice creams. Where O’sulloc really outdoes itself though, is in it’s matcha range. Lattes and cookies bursting with a rich matcha flavor that’s sweet but not too sweet. Make sure to pick up some more matcha goodies on your way out for souvenirs. Matcha lovers really shouldn’t miss out on  O’sulloc Tea House.

Address: 358-53  Seogyo-dong, Yanghwaro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Opening times: 10am to 11pm

Transport: Hongik University Metro Station Exit 9

#7 Slow Steady Club

It’s impossible not to mention Slow Steady Club when talking about the coolest places to get coffee in Seoul. Part fashion boutique – part coffee shop,  the whole place has a simple, sleek and modern vibe to it and everything, including the coffee cups, are gold and silver! Coupled with the beautiful aromatic coffee smells wafting through the air, Slow Steady Club is certainly a favorite among the locals.

Address: 130-1 Palpan, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Opening times: 12pm to 8pm

Transport: 15-20min walk from Anguk Metro Station Exit 1

#8 Too Much Information

If you’re after something a little less sweet, then Too Much Information, located in Itaewon-dong, is your answer. Specializing in savory snacks, light meals, coffees and even cocktails.  Some of the menu’s more popular items include the fried shrimp burger and the mushroom burger. In a modern black and white stylish decor, Too Much Information is not only popular among the young and hip crowd, it is also occasionally frequented by some local stars. In fact, the place is owned by actor Yoo Ah-In.

Address: 34-38 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Opening times: 11am to 2am

Transport: 15min walk from Itaewon Station Exit 4

#9 Yoon’s Color Drama Gallery

Yoon’s Color Drama Gallery is a charming forest-like museum / coffee shop that features sets, props, photos and items from director Yoon Suk-Ho’s dramas. There is an entry fee of 5000 Won but with it comes 3000 Won off your order in the coffee shop.

Address: 12, Wausan-ro 14-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm

Transport: Sangsu Metro Station Exit 2

#10 Innisfree Jeju House

You already know about Innisfree’s cosmetics products, but did you know they also have their own coffee shop? Their first coffee shop opened in Jeju and now Seoul has one too!

Wooden furnishings throughout the shop give the whole place a natural, clean and comfortable feel, while the contrasting bright vibrant colors of the drinks are beautifully tempting.

Address: 104 Samcheong-ro, Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 10pm

Transport: 20min walk from Anguk Metro Station

#11 Caface

A coffee with your name face on it! On entering Caface you have the option to step into a photo booth, take a photo and hand it to the barrister and ask for a drink (works best with coffee/latte) with your face printed on top. A fun and unique experience that you’ll have to share with your friends.

Address: 358-51 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Opening times: 12am to 10pm

Transport: 7min walk from Hongik University Metro Station Exit 9

#12 Vant 36.5 Menon Hongdae

Vant 36.5, like Innisfree, is a cosmetics brand expanding into the coffee shop business, you can even browse the cosmetics range on the second floor. Vant 36.5 is wall to wall pink! A big favorite among the girliest of girls, many of the drinks and desserts are pretty in pink too!

Address: no 84, lane 29, Wawoosan, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Opening times: 11:30am to 9:30pm

Transport: 5-10min walk from Hongnik University Metro Station Exit 9

#13 On Ne Sait Jamais

French for “you never know”, On Ne Sait Jamais is fast gaining a reputation as having some of the most beautiful and delicious desserts in town. If that wasn’t reason enough to visit On Ne Sait Jamais then what about it being a quirky bathhouse cafe with lined with blue tiles and bathtub in the the center of the room!

Address: 47, Itaewon-ro 54-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Opening times: Monday Closed, Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 10pm, Sunday 11am to 9pm

Transport: 5-10min walk from Hongnik University Metro Station Exit 9

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