5 Uniquely Korean Experiences

No matter how many times you’ve been to Korea, if you haven’t yet experienced these activities, you can’t really say you’ve been!  KKday picks out some experiences for you to get a deeper, closer look at Korea.

#1 Korea’s Time Honored Anti-Aging Secret


Koreans have been using Hanjeungmak, a traditional sauna, for over 600 years. Originally the purpose of these high temperature kiln saunas was for treating illnesses and diseases. Recent trends have led to hanjeungmak being incorporated into modern day spas (jjimjilbang), along with baths, pools and possibly even restaurants, salons and karaoke rooms!


The Hanjeungmak are especially popular with women due to the skin and health care benefits, the high temperatures and steamy rooms open up pores in the skin, detox the body and improve blood circulation.



Try a Traditional Korean Sauna Here – Oriental Forest Land Sauna

#2 K-Pop Dancing with the Pros


If you’re a real K-Pop fan how could you not want to learn how to dance like your favorite artists! At Real K-Pop Academy, class teachers are real back-up dancers who have worked with some of Korea’s biggest pop stars like Super Junior and BIGBANG!



Real K-Pop Dancing classes are suitable for all levels too, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced dancer, these professional teachers can offer you the right guidance.

#3 Traditional Korean Dress-Up Photos


At Goguan Studio you are given the opportunity to get dressed up in traditional gear (hanbok), have your hair and makeup done and take photos until you are fully satisfied with the results. Goguan have many different historical sets to choose from too, pose at the palace, the farm or even the prison! The photos make a great souvenir and a fun way to remember your trip to Korea.



Get Your Studio Photos Here GoGuan Korean Hanbok Experience in Myeongdong

#4 Hanbok for a Day


If a few photos in the studio isn’t enough for you, why not try renting your own hanbok for the whole day! Oneday Hanbok offers a large range of beautiful rental hanboks!


Once you’ve had your’s fitted you can take it out all day for an unforgettable experience finding your own sets!  Go to the palace, the market, the park or the busy streets of Seoul, the possibilities are endless!



Get a Hanbok for the Day – 1-Day Hanbok Experience in Seoul

#5 Culture and Kimchi


Kimchi, an absolute staple of any Korean’s diet, there aren’t many things more Korean than the traditional pickled vegetable dish right? At O’ngo Korean Cooking Class, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the ingredients and follow expert step-by-step guidance to make your very own kimchi!


In addition to making your own kimchi, you can also learn how to make a crisp seafood pancake and bibimbap (mixed rice). If you’re looking for somewhere to get the complete Korean cultural experience then make sure to check out O’ngo Korean Cooking Class!